Hello everyone ,

I'm scheduled for an ablation on September the 3rd im so nervous but I know I will be fine im actually kind of excited ! My electrophysiologist mentioned that he might try cyroablation instead of the normal heat ablation anyone else had this ?? A lot of videos on youtube are suggesting its way better im not too sure any comments ?? Or advice?? Personal experience.?

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  • You probably will not have the choice, several people on this site have had cryo as a method of eliminating the rogue pathways around the pulmonary veins however many people, like myself, cannot because we have unusual physiology with extra large veins or co joined veins so the equipment used is too small. The EP will only decide once he is inside your heart and see which would be the most appropriate type for you and your type of arrhythmia. Good luck, hope all goes well for you.

  • Thank you for that you put my mind at ease I wasn't sure how he was going to decide (: 100% more confident now! He is the director ep so im guessing he is top gun! Ill be in amazing hands! Thank you again!!!

  • C Dreamer has said it all as far as technicality goes. You will be fine==nothing top worry about. Just be very gentle with yourself for at least two weeks afterwards.


  • I will try my best I've been waiting for this so I can return to my life im so excited to go out im scared ill push myself to hard thank you!

  • Good luck with your ablation. Make sure before you are called that you have all the things you might need afterwards within easy reach or in some container that can be passed to you because you are unlikely to be allowed to get out of bed for a while.

    Make sure you have a chance to voice your anxieties about heart disease, because your EP is best placed to advise you.

  • Good luck Lulu. I've had 2 normal PVI ablations, one sedated, the other I was knocked out for the count. Both were a breeze, no problems at all. In fact I felt great.


  • Thank you!! :) I appreciate it

  • Positive thoughts for you today...C

  • I had a cryo ablation in May but they couldn't get all the pathways so they did some with radiofrequency as well. It's no walk in the park but it's not too bad. I found a bad dose of a fib to be worse than I felt post ablation. I have been symptom-free since the ablation and that is truly a miracle. It doesn't work for everyone the first time but the success rate of the operation seems to be improving all the time.

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