Ablation for SVT

I've been given a date for an ablation for my SVT. I'm very scared of what to expect. I've been told all the risks which slightly scare me especially the risk of damaging the heart 's pacemaker and having a pacemaker fitted. I know everything comes with risks - like crossing the road. I'm hoping to have an ablation for my flutter and PAF later next year too. I've also been told I will be taken off my meds (2.5 bisoprolol) right after. This frightens me as it stops me feeling lightheaded and lessens the severity of the palpitations. I'm 38 and was diagnosed April last year and have been told the earlier I have the ablation the better it will be. Any advice please???

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  • I agree the earlier the better. They only tell you all those horror stories so that your relatives can't sue the if they do screw up. I have yet to hear of one. I had three PVI type ablations with no major problems and found I had worried for nothing. Relax the sooner the better.


  • I, like you, am 36 and have A flutter (atypical) and AF and SVT. I had an ablation 2 months ago and my only regret is that I wasn't given one sooner. I was also PETRIFIED before mine but honestly..once you get into the cath lab and see how refined and sophisticated all that technology is, it will take away some of your fear...and if it doesn't , then the looovely IV sedation will lol. You are in the hands of major specialists who have not just plans A and B..but C, D and E as well in the absolutely unlikely event that anything goes wrong. But it won't. My ablation has not completely worked (but it can take 3 months to see so it might) but i am less symptomatic from arrythmias than i used to be. So this could be life changing for you. Embrace this opportunity and have faith and believe...let the docs do the worrying..you just focus on recovery. I have found that after all the fretting i did about the ablation, the actual procedure was no worries..the recovery has taken it out of me so save your energy for after and getting well. Best wishes.

  • lovely post Vony.

  • You won't need any meds to deal with palpitations when they stop happening.

  • I would get on my hands and knees and pray with gratitude that you are able to get off the meds

  • I would get on my hands and knees and pray with gratitude that you are able to get off the meds

  • Ditto all of the above, Good Luck x

  • Had fulltime AF and turning into flutters before ablation in Sept. They kept me on all meds even though 100 percent success of ablation. I'm 67 and been experiencing increasing blood pressure, one of the things possibly associated with afib. I see doc tomorrow and hope he'll agree with my decision to try going without flecainide (which hadn't helped before ablation anyway). Bottom line, every case is different but ablation for me was well worth it! BTW, I am otherwise fit and strong heart which may have made a difference in outcome.

  • I had my ablation a week ago and other than a slight discomfort in the chest for 2 days no other problems. I have been AF free since the ablation long may it continue. I was really frightened of the procedure but the team are so professional and put you at ease. Be positive.

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