Blood test and rivaroxaban

Has anyone had a blood test while being on rivaroxaban ? At my GP's request after a year on the drug I had one a few days ago . I remember it's for liver and kidney function , but sure there's something else . My Doctor wants to speak to me this afternoon so I'm waiting for the phone call as I can't get in to see him because I'm working . I'm worrying what this test has thrown up , as thinking it can't be too bad as I'd be in A&E by now ! Any thoughts anyone ?


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  • Hello max,

    Yes I have blood tests every year,to check liver and kidney function are ok,no problems so far taking Rivaroxaban.

    Good luck,let me know how you get on.


  • Please let us know what your GP says. Hope all is well.


  • Hello Lisa - I take Apixaban and my blood test last year showed a cholesterol level of 5.3, which triggered a message to contact my GP, so it could be something simple like that.

    Hope all goes well.

  • about a year after taking rivaoxaban my kidney function was a tiny bit compromised and the dose was reduced to 15mg per day. Everything has been fine since for two years.

  • Thanks for your replys. It turns out that my blood pressure is on the low side ! I did one of those arm in the machine jobs in the surgery and gave the nurse the reading . I've now had the chat with my GP who has advised me to lower my bisoprolol now I'm back on digoxin after a failed ablation . But the blood tests are fine ! Panic over . No A&E over Christmas .


  • Yup loads - two lots at my regular annual check cos the first came showed up glucose, A check for a kidney function prior to A CT scan and several at the hospital. Think ther is a family of vampires that need feeding near by.

    Had no worries .

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