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Blood test results

Had a chat with GP this morning re blood test results. They tested for ten things ( most of which I can't describe let alone spell ) and two worrying ones were liver and possibility of borderline diabetes. Retest in a couple of weeks. Great, something else to worry about. In the meantime he suggested I stop Simvastatin for a month, I'm assured I won't come to any harm, and see if I feel any better at the end of it.

We can then talk about a possible alternative, (see recent chats about subject with Koll).

I also brought up the thorny subject of Warfarin self testing and getting the test strips (see recent chat with Aussie John ), he will look into it........... I won't hold my breath.

Meanwhile brief episodes of AF still happening but in general it's behaving itself, (that's tempting fate is'nt it?)

Hope your all having as good a day as possible,


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Hi Ray

This might be off the topic but I was changed over from Simvastatin to Atorvastatin, and my muscle spasms/headaches have gone away but also my cholesterol is down to an overall figure of 3.9 which is the lowest in my life by a lot.

I say my headaches/muscle spasm have gone away, that's a bit oversimplified. Atorvastatin, or possibly something else I'm on, is making me sensitive to light, so I have to wear sunglasses most of the time outdoors. Without the sunglasses I still get the headaches/muscle spasms in my neck. We think this maybe due to squinting all the time, which apparently involves a lot of muscles!!!



Well I live in hope mate,

but in my case it seems to be if one thing don't get you there is always something else lurking around the corner!

I'm going to treat myself to a large drink and a cigar........( yes, it will be the first for a very long time)



MY GP and I have been arguing about border line diabetes for some time now - I was horrified when ny GP told me I had type 2 diabetes and that was the cause of all my problems. I came home and looked it all up and was confused to find my sugar level was only slightly raised rather than indicating diabetes.

I read on to find that colds, infection which I had had for three months cause a glucose spike. So I went back to my consultant who arranged a lung defence clinic. No raised sugar was found at two hospitals, at least nothing to indicate diabetes but my immune system was compromised. More vaccinations, change of inhalers and antibiotics when I needed them later and I have not been ill for over a year. To think I could have spent a year sat in a diabetic clinic rather than having what I really had treated.

This year I refused a blood test based on the fact that my consultant does a full test on a regular basis and I feel sure they would tell me of anything I needed ot know.


That's really interesting, I've been trying to find the cause of my feeling unwell (really ill at times) for the best part of a year now, to have my concerns waived away as " probably my AF." This is not the first time Diabetes has been mentioned but the last load of blood tests, about six months ago, it was mentioned but then came to nothing.

I, in the meantime, had convinced myself that it was the medication as I did'nt feel any activity around my heart. I know you can have episodes of AF without being aware but being an old cynic, if I can't see it I don't belive it. I am certainly not happy with the normal reaction from my GP with continually being told that we will test for this and that and come back if your still feeling unwell in a couple of weeks.

If I could be sure of which department to apply to I would sign up for a private consultant to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

Thanks for your reply, that's given me another avenue to explore.



I had my blood tested at the dentist with a finger prick device - that came back borderline for diabetes with a reading of 6.5 mmol/L (normal range 4-6). So I had additional tests at the surgery including a fasting glucose test (no food for 10 hours before hand). That came back as 4.9 mmol/L - i.e. normal, meaning the dentist's finger prick reading was incorrect.

I had breakfast 3 hours before my dentist's check, which should have been OK, but I do have a lot of low GI cereal so the steady release of carbohydrate could have upset the reading.

Apparently about a third of adults and even more of the over 60's have "borderline diabetes".



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