Rivaroxaban and digestive problems

Is anyone taking Rivaroxaban and experiencing digestive problems? I have IBS a Hiatus Hernia and have had gastritis in the past. I'm sure that the Riv I have been taking for 3 months has made it worse? I am reluctant to take Lansoprazole or Ranitidine as the latter gives me headaches. I have been using DGL Licorice to help with the stomach discomfort and Slippery Elm powder and both have helped, but I'm still having days when my gut aches. I asked if I could change to Apixaban, as I found out ( via the Royal College of Pharmacist web site) that it is gentler on the stomach. My GP said she couldn't prescribe it, as in Gloucestershire they have gone for Rivaroxaban. She would however, ask the senior partner in the practice if I could have it.

Anyone have similar experiences? Has anyone changed from Rivaroxaban to Apixaban because of digestive problems?

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  • Hi Dizzie,

    Sorry to hear that you may be having problems with Rivaroxaban. I changed from Rivaroxaban to Apixaban because l had bleeding issues in the urine.

    No problems at all with the Apixaban.



  • Hi Barry, sounds like Apixaban is gentler on the system all round. Any problems getting your GP to swap you over? best wishes, Dizzie

  • Hi Dizzie,

    No problem whatsoever, however he was the senior partner at my surgery, maybe that helped?



  • Definitely going to ask for it, as it seems better for patients with digestive problems.

  • Hi Dizzie,

    Hope you are successful.

    Best Wishes


  • Keep pushing for Apixaban if you think it will help. The arrhythmia nurse told me it's better on the stomach if you have ibs, acid reflux, hiatus hernia, I have all three. I take ranitidine successfully, and rivaoxaban.

  • Hi Meadfoot, I am going to push for Apixaban and if I can't get it I am going to have to try the Ranitidine again. My doctor had me on it for 7 months at the maximum dose ( 300mg) and I had a headache every day. When I stopped it, the headache went.

    Best wishes, Dizzie

  • Is there a slow release version available like enteric aspirin?

  • I am on Rivaroxaban and at first when I was told to take it in the morning I had digestive problems. When I reported this the Doctor said it was quite common and I should take it in the evening with or just after dinner. I did this and have no problems since,.

  • Will definitely try this and see if it works. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Good luck. Let me know if it works.

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