Justspent 7 years on aspirin and now been put on apixiban .take tidlem dioxgen and several other tablets including metforim 3 times a day as diabectic .I work full time in warehouse envoirment and want to know if anyone has had problems with any bleeding as read warnings on leaflet .do i need to worry about the slightest knock or graze. Thanks for any replys

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  • If you cut yourself you may bleed for a little while longer but it should not be a problem. I am on warfarin, a different anticoagulant and work with machinery and tools building race car engines and never have a problem My wife who is not on any anticoagulant bruises more easily than I do.

  • Many thanks

  • My husband has been taking Apixaban for a year now and loves cooking.......so uses sharp knives and has cut himself quite deeply on a couple of occasions. He says there is no difference in bleeding times. I can confirm that as I'm the one administering the sticking plaster......

  • Thanks very much ..if i started cooking would not have to worry about tabs i would have food poisioning ......

  • He's a driving instructor and he jokes that after a long day of learners trying to kill him cooking calms him down. It seems to work. Each to his own, I suppose.

  • I've been taking Apixaban for 2 years and have had minor cuts, bumps, a tooth taken out and a couple of nosebleeds. None have caused any problems and bruising doesn't appear to be any problem either. I work on the assumption that bleeding will last twice as long on an anticoagulant than it normally would and apply pressure accordingly.

    It has made me more careful when handling sharp knives etc - so perhaps that's a good thing.

  • Many thanks 4 your eeply

  • I have just been put on Apixaban so no comment re that in particular, but have been on Warfarin for years and I'm a farmer, so having scrapes and grazes almost daily sometimes.

    Only problem I ever had was when I crushed my hand in a cattle crush quite badly, and it came up in a large lump full of blood in seconds. Went to A&E but they didn't do much or anything, and it went down on it's own over a few days.

  • Hope ur hand is ok now .thanks for reply .looks like i was worrying for nothing.thanks for all replies

  • I have just had minor surgery done by my GP. No problems while on Apixaban, no bruising in my everyday life...in fact ' no nothing'!

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