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pradaxa dose

I am on 75mg twice daily of Pradaxa and noticed that most people are put on 150 mg twice daily. I don't have any renal failure that I know of but have had lots of kidney stones and recently have several lipotripscy procedures to remove them. Didn't realize most people were on 150mg twice daily until I started checking. But if 75 mg works to keep stroke away seems better to have only half the dose as I don't like having to take it anyway. Was on daily aspirin for stroke control and Nattokinease but Doc now says I need more. I have A fib and am a 67 year old female. Is anyone here on 75 mg of Pradaxa?

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Just to be quite clear here, aspirin does very little for stroke prevention in AF which is why it is no longer recommended by NICE in UK. (Guideline issued June 2014.) It also has the potential to cause harm in terms of gastro-intestinal bleeding so not a good thing to take if it does nothing yet harms you. . There are good uses for aspirin in some other cardiac areas but not for stroke prevention in AF which is why, if you are at risk, you will be put on an anticoagulant like Pradaxa. I think your doctor is obviously concerned about your past renal history which is why he has prescribed the lower dose.


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