Rivaroxaban and baby aspirin (75mg)

I have been on rivaroxaban now for ten days. I phoned the docs and asked if I should continue to take my daily baby aspirin that I take due to a heart attack in 2007. He said do not take the aspirin just take the rivaroxaban.due to increased bleeding risk. Saw a different doc at the surgery today and he said I should take the aspirin. So don't know what to do.


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  • Reading about Rivaroxaban, it seems to be a blood thinner and treats embolisms, it is an alternative to Warfarin apparently. I would ask the doctor who said that you should stop and say another doctor has said to carry on. If it was me I would stop the aspirin straight away but check with my doctor also. See this link;


  • That is out of date now since all NOACs are approved for all patients with AF since 2014. Aspirin has no value in treatment of AF related stroke but as an antiplatelet it has other uses for patients with coronary artery problems or stents. I think you need a definitive answer from your cardiologist rather than your GP but on balance I don't see why you need both and you do need Rivaroxaban if you have AF . I'm not a medic mind you nor should you take advise from this forum on such matters.

  • I found this also;

    Rivaroxaban is given with aspirin and clopidogrel, another drug that helps to prevent the blood from clotting, or with aspirin alone.

    As BobD says in his answer, advice from your cardiologist is best possible scenario.

  • Thanks for your replies. I shall keep on the rivaroxaban and discuss the aspirin with the cardiologist. Thats if I ever get to see him. Waiting time is 4-6 months


  • Consider seeing consultant privately for the first time. Many have done that to great benefit including saving time.

  • Hi Roger

    Talk to your consultant not your GP, the two drugs do different things, aspirin is an anti-platelet and can be beneficial for people with some heart conditions, it's just not effective as an anti-coagulant for AF. Rivaroxaban is of course an anti-coagulant and as such will help to protect you against AF related stroke.

    But the two can, and sometimes do, go together usually as long as the aspirin is being specifically prescribed for a heart condition other than AF. But talk to your consultant about the bleed risk. If he's hard to get an appointment with you only need a telephone consultation about this.

    Be well


  • I spoke with the doc who said I should take the aspirin and he contacted the cardiologist and phoned me back. It was decided by them that I stop the rivaroxaban and take the aspirin instead. I have a stent in my heart and also an evar stent (AAA) they said my risk of a severe bleed outweighed all other risks.

    I'm concerned now that after being on the rivaroxaban for ten days I will have a stroke by suddenly stopping it.

    The cardiologist said my risk of a stroke without noacs was only 2%.

    That was why they reached the decision to stop the rivaroxaban.

    I have to not take the rivaroxaban today and restart the aspirin (75)mg tomorrow.

    I cannot afford to see the cardiologist privately.


  • I am worried about stopping this drug, only been on it 10 days 20mg. Doc said to stop taking it and go back on aspirin. Is this safe


  • Hi Roger

    My understanding, and I am not medically qualified, is that if you have stents then all of the new anti-coagulants should not be used due to bleed risks, take your cardiologists advice and go back to the aspirin.

    Be well


  • Thank you Ian

    I really appreciate your reply



  • If you are still worried you can always as GP for referral for a second opinion.

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