For some reason when I visited my EP two months ago he put me on Eliquis and told me told hold off on the aspirin. My cardiologist told me not to stop the aspirin. Well to make a long story short I never restarted the aspirin. Been feeling fine and a lot of the breathless symptoms I had while exercising are gone for now. Much of my stamina has returned. I was trying to update my medications list and noticed I had aspirin on it so I called the doctor to verify whether I should be taking it along with the Eliquis. He said yes. I haven't had an Afib episode in awhile(that I'm aware of). I'm wondering do I really need it? Wondering if the aspirin along with all the other meds I'm taking for my stents and the Afib might be a factor? To me less is better but this Afib and heart issues is a whole new realm for me . Thanks for letting me sound off here :-)))

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  • Aspirin is of no benefit for stroke prevention in AF BUT you say you have a stent . Antiplatelets like aspirin are usually recommended where foreign bodies are implanted e g stents or valves. Thus in your case you take ant-coagulant to prevent stroke from the AF and aspirin for the stent.

    Usual proviso not medically trained etc.


  • Ok - that was simple Bob so why did neither the Doc or EP explain it !

  • Probably the GP doesn't fully understand it and the EP either didn't know about the stent or hadn't read the notes. Sorry that sounds rather too cynical doesn't it. I think the fact is that many doctors like to keep the patient in ignorance so they feel they have control over them. Patients who actually take the time to educate themselves about their condition are not always popular with old school doctors who think they know best. MY own experience is quite the opposite but I have been lucky to have forward thinking doctors who embrace my own knowledge and work with me.


  • Bob, I think it's more of they have so much more information they just don't spend the time to really look at all the factors or familiarize themselves with your particular circumstances. Case in point, Went to see my cardiologist after a bout with Afib.A scheduled appointment. I had gone to an EP prior who had set me up with a holter monitor. When I got in the office, the cardiologist had no idea about the testing or the results and what meds the other doctor had prescribed. I was really upset. I feel when I go to see them they should at least be familiar with what is going on with me. Shouldn't have to recreate the wheel everytime I walk into their office. Waste of my time and theirs. All the info is available.

  • What should happen is not always what does happen. My experience is very similar to yours, I have found huge gaps in my handwritten notes so now keep copies of as much as I can as have 2 major rows with 2 consultants because they said it wasn't in my notes when I had sent copies and replied it wasn't my responsibility to keep their records!

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