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I am new to this site since October and it has been so very helpful. I appreciate reading all the info available. I see people talk about alivecor and it sounds interesting. I am in the US and only have an iPad. No cell phone. Can you tell me how it would work on an iPad and where to buy them. I don't know much about electronics so is it to complicated for someone like me. Thank you.

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  • I use my Alicecor with an iPad Air and it is really easy. I bought both from Amazon and downloaded the operating app from Alivecor's website. To get a reading, lay or hold the device near the iPad microphone - a bar graphic on screen will indicate how good your signal is. I get the best reading when I lay the device on a flat surface to support my hands and arms. Moisten your fingertips and away you go.

    There are very good help facilities and tips. To get a printout of a trace, I email it to my PC although you can use a wireless connection to a printer too, I think.

    A knowledge of electronics is not needed at all - do you already have an iPad? If so, the app is very easy to use and is quite intuitive. Have a look on Alivecor's and Amazon's websites for info and ask any questions here that will help you.

    Ach - just saw that you have an iPad, so all you need is the device itself and the app to drive it.

  • Thank you for answering me. You have given me the confidence I need to buy and use this device. I had my first abalation Oct 19th and one conversion since then. This will relieve some stress I have every time I feel something going on in there. Thank you again!

  • Hi, do you think it would detect atrial flutter also?

  • Atrial flutter is described in the Alivecor app so I assume it can detect it but I have no personal experience of it.

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