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Alivecor and ipad

I am new to this site since October and it has been so very helpful. I appreciate reading all the info available. I see people talk about alivecor and it sounds interesting. I am in the US and only have an iPad. No cell phone. Can you tell me how it would work on an iPad and where to buy them. I don't know much about electronics so is it to complicated for someone like me. Thank you.

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I use my Alicecor with an iPad Air and it is really easy. I bought both from Amazon and downloaded the operating app from Alivecor's website. To get a reading, lay or hold the device near the iPad microphone - a bar graphic on screen will indicate how good your signal is. I get the best reading when I lay the device on a flat surface to support my hands and arms. Moisten your fingertips and away you go.

There are very good help facilities and tips. To get a printout of a trace, I email it to my PC although you can use a wireless connection to a printer too, I think.

A knowledge of electronics is not needed at all - do you already have an iPad? If so, the app is very easy to use and is quite intuitive. Have a look on Alivecor's and Amazon's websites for info and ask any questions here that will help you.

Ach - just saw that you have an iPad, so all you need is the device itself and the app to drive it.


Thank you for answering me. You have given me the confidence I need to buy and use this device. I had my first abalation Oct 19th and one conversion since then. This will relieve some stress I have every time I feel something going on in there. Thank you again!


Hi, do you think it would detect atrial flutter also?


Atrial flutter is described in the Alivecor app so I assume it can detect it but I have no personal experience of it.

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