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Travel Insurance (again)


Well I have previously asked for help on travel insurance and you were all very helpful, so I thought I'd give an update! Hubby and I are off to Lanzarotte in December and I'm going to Sri Lanka next Sept - lucky or what! So I need worldwide travel insurance. I have seached and Staysafe has been recommended by some of you but a work colleague is having a lot of trouble with them making a claim due to her hubby having a heart attack and she needs to cancel their holiday - so far it's taken her 2 months of letters and still she has not had her money back. That has put me off, as you can imagine.

The Halifax - who I bank with - have just quoted £395 for a year's insurance ............. What!!!

Go compare have found me 'All safe' for £100.

And 'Good to go' is £125.

It really does pay to shop around. I'll be glad when my holiday comes around :)

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There was an article in one of the papers that I was reading in the last month or so which was about insurance for those who had conditions. One of the comments was some are in fact quite a bit cheaper but the reason for that is that they make it very difficult for the person insured to actually get a payout and that some appeared a false economy. Personally I would be seriously tempted to go with a well known name (most of the banks and major stores use good brand insurance companies. I know someone who is with nationwide and he has holiday insurance as part of his package and he paid extra to remove all exclusions. Also worthwhile looking at companies where you have existing links (eg the company uses Aviva for our pensions management and investment and as a result I got a very good deal on my car insurance this summer (I wish I had known about this link a few years ago). Also companies like John Lewis who has pride in their name and ethos.

Marks and spencers seem good- I have arranged mine with them recently

Yes, Go Compate is the one that my daughter 'Sused out for me to have a few days away, with her plus another daughter and granddaughter (girlies) time. Oh also looming in the past has been a TIA. All acceptable with this Aviva company. Homework is needed, plus Internet!!

I work in the insurance claims industry (presenting loss of profits claims for businesses that have had fires etc against their insurance companies). My experience of insurance is that you get what you pay for. The easy way for an insurance company to offer low premiums is not to pay claims! It certainly happens with commercial policies and I know from friends it happens with motor policies so I'd expect it to be the same for travel policies. Heather

If you receive a Civil Service pension then you can get a 12 month policy from CPSA for £180 with no exclusions - you just need to be fit to travel. I can supply full details to anyone interested.

I always go through they are a comparison site but are excellent for customer service. I have several pre-existing conditions including diabetes and they've been very competitive for me. Not had to make a claim, thankfully, but I've only ever read good reports on them.

PeterWh in reply to ceejayblue

It is much more important to select the right insurance company at the end of the day and it is a lesser issue as to who the comparison site is. They may be a brilliant site and very helpful now but at the end of the day if you have a claim then it is the insurance company and their loss adjustors who you will be dealing with. Twenty years ago selecting the right broker was an important facet since they could apply leverage on your behalf but those days have gone!!!!

ceejayblue in reply to PeterWh

That may be true but you need to do comparisons on price and check the reviews of the individual companies themselves.

PeterWh in reply to ceejayblue

I am a fanatic of checking comparison sitters and the companies themselves. In addition I always read the policy's terms and conditions and not rely on sales talk.

However you no doubt will have seen that a number of the comparison sites have had bad reviews in the papers.

Also many people are not aware that quite a few insurance companies REFUSE to use the comparison websites. The two cheapest quotes I got for my car insurance in August were direct with the insurer.

heather110 in reply to PeterWh

Exactly - always ask for the full policy wording before you sign up to any insurance. And read it carefully!! Often you will not get to see it unless you ask for it. When you have paid read the policy schedule carefully to check it is what you need. Heather


As heather110 says, you get what you pay for. We went with SAGA simply because we know from personal experience that they pay up, or at least they did with my father-in-law when he was taken ill in the Canaries. There was no problem and no arguments and quick payment.

We pay £250 p.a. for two of us, Europe only cover, limited to 100 or so days a year and a single trip of 30 days or something in that region. To add America and Canada I believe costs a lot more. I'm about to find out as want to go see the Grand Canyon to tick it off my bucket list.


We are going away for Xmas we gone with AA they was cheap so give them a try have a good holl xx

I've got yearly worldwide travel insurance excluding USA from Holiday Risk. I have AF and raised blood pressure and have had an ablation this yearand declared all this to get my insurance. It was very reasonable cheaper than your cheapest quote. Maybe worth a try.

I don't know if it still true but a few years ago when looking at travel insurance I found that where you live (I've postcode) made a difference to the premium!!!

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