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Query about Travel Insurance


Thank you all for responding to my query re Travel Insurance whilst waiting for a diagnosis. As I feared I don't think I will be going to Menorca as planned at the end of May unless I get a definite diagnosis when I see the Vascular surgeon in 10 days time and then may be a Company will ensure me. Thank you all once again.

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Menorca is part of the EU(same as us still) and as such, you as an EU citizen, can receive state healthcare there. Lots of people/tourists rely solely on state healthcare on their holidays, via the EUIC card.

All you need to take with you is an EHIC card which you can apply for online(if you don't already have one) That will cover your health but not losing your luggage etc.

I'd still go.


We were in France a couple of years ago and my husband had to go to A&E. Despite showing our card and our passport we still had to pay.

Perhaps you went to a private facility. Or, if your contribution was fairly small this could be what the locals pay.


No , it was the local hospital in Millau. We went on a Bank Holiday so the cashier’s office was shut. Asked receptionist could we pay Wednesday when we returned hire car to Millau. Tuesday they were ringing campsite chasing us!!!

I have just read that in France they pay 20% to their hospital care at the time of treatment. Most French cover that with a separate private insurance, if not they pay the hospital. Probably why they have such a good service.


Pity we don’t chase NHS tourists so assiduously.


Morzine in reply to Hylda

In France you do have to pay up front with the EH11 but n Spain it’s totally free give the card you go on computer, get a bit of paper and that’s it you don’t pay........

Barb1 in reply to Hylda

You can claim back from the NHS any payment you had to make. It is a reciprocal agreement within the EU, so that you are not paying twice. Something else that Brexit voters didn't think about!

pwoody in reply to Barb1

Thank you Barb1. If I decided to go on holiday hopefully we will still be in the EU the first week of June!!!!!

Thank you for that info Pat. Yes I do have a valid EHIC card so will have to give the matter some thought. It does seem a shame to have to forego my holiday, obviously when I booked it I didn't have this extra medical problem.

All the text below is cut and pasted from the NHS website and covers Menorca:

Healthcare in Spain, including the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands

Each country's health system is different and might not include all the things you would expect to get free of charge from the NHS. This means you may have to make a patient contribution to the cost of your care.

Visitors to Spain.-

Finding help in an emergency

If you find yourself in a serious, life-threatening emergency, you should call 112. This number is free of charge and valid in all Spanish territories. The Spanish word for A&E department is "urgencias".

Be aware that if you ask a hotel or travel representative to call a doctor, you may be treated privately. If you wish to be treated under the state system you must call 112 and ask for an ambulance to take you to the nearest state hospital.

Other important phone numbers to note down:

112 – ambulance (ambulancia)

091 – national police (policía nacional)

092 – local police (policía municipal)

062 – civil guard (guardia civil)

080 – fire brigade (bomberos)

900 202 202 – sea rescue (salvamento y seguridad marítima)

Thank you so much for all that info, I will bear it all in mind.

Yes it is the undiagnosed bit thats bad. Once you have the diagnosis lots of companies will accept you but you may find your regular company wont

We spend a lot of time in rural Spain, and although we have travel insurance, we have never had to use it. We have visited the local surgery when my husband and I both had a virus, and the local emergency department when I had a urine infection. Each time we just produced our EHIC card. The treatment was excellent. I would still have your holiday, just make sure that if you need treatment you go to a state hospital.

pwoody in reply to irene75359

Thank you Irene for your reply. It is very reassuring that I can get treatment if necessary on my EH11 card as several of you have said. I have been really looking forward to my holiday and it seems a shame if I have to cancel it because I cant get medical insurance. Two of the party I am going with are recently retired nurses so I should be in good hands. Thank you once again.

Ho a never saw your first post. I was on holiday in Spain last year,with my EH11, and that’s where my afib started......so trip to doc, second one I ended up in ambulance to hospital....in high dependency ward.....sorted me out....sent me off with tablets telling me it would be a good idea to go home, which was France and see a cardio.......now this was totally free with EH11......not a penny was paid. You give your card in at doctors......they type in in computer...you get a slip of paper that says you’re covered for treatment for so many months.....then that’s it.....I never had to show another thing.....they gave me a few tablets for a few days with prescription and of course I paid at pharmacy a tiny amount for tablets......I d not worry about not getting care and bills, it doesn’t happen.....each Eu country is duferent...France you pay up front and claim bavk......not sure about other country’s.....I thought my care was amazing, so kind and efficient......and not a blink of an eye I was a foreigner......

pwoody in reply to Morzine

Thank you for your reassuring reply Morzine. My first post was to explain that I am seeing a vascular consultant next Friday for a new complaint and if he wants me to have any tests etc to make a diagnosis, I know I wont be able to get medical insurance. I have AF and high blood pressure which I have had no problem in getting insurance for in the past. I do have a valid EH11 card so perhaps will take a chance after what you have told me. Thank you once again.

Well all I can say is I was so efficiently treated and so kind too...the ambulance girlspike perfect English and I saud to her she was very good she told me I get lots of practice with English people in my ambulance!!.....well I guess it’s a popular country to go to and also there are so many old English people living out there.

We were in our motorhome on a long trip....it was alla bit of a shock this afib arriving suddenly.....

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