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Strange sinking feeling

Hi just joined health unlocked. I have AF and it is well controlled with Bisoprolol 25mg. I have a strange symptom that I experience regularly at night especially when falling asleep. I get a sinking feeling as if I'm falling into the mattress and my stomach is churning. My heart is not racing but pulse is hard to detect. Has anyone else experienced this. My consultant doubts it as anything to do with A F

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Hi Octopus52,

I take it that you are on 2.5mg of Bisoprolol and not 25mg. I don't know the answer to your question, but it may be as a result of the drug, try taking it at a different time of day with a meal and see what happens.

Best Wishes



I heard of someone who wasn't in AF but taking bisoprolol experience something similar. However it turned out that the were taking it late evening but recommended time is in the morning (see leaflet).


I take my bisoprolol in the evening too, because I'm in such a rush in the morning that I used to forget to take it. I have to say I haven't had that experience, though I do jolt awake sometimes, which is more to do with wondering what the heck my heart might be up to I think... It could be some kind of anxiety thing...


I was also prescribed Bisoprolol and very quickly found it caused bradycardia (sudden drop in heart rate, in my case below 35 bpm). The symptoms you describe are exactly as I felt them and were almost always experienced during the night. Ask to be monitored on an ecg holter reader whilst taking the drug. It may be that you react significantly to beta blockers, as I do and need to take an alternative drug.

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I know exactly what you mean...I get that sensation as well. I take 10 mg of Bisoprolol and generally take it at night. I have recently started taking 5 mg in the morning and 5 in the evening which may help. I honestly thought it was just one of these weird things that be honest it doesn't bother me that much. But I do like the way you describe it...Patricia.


Before you get into bed, "walk" around the mattress with your hands. Feel its firmness, or softness, and any places where it's firmer or softer than other places. Get to know it. It's like clearing all the stones and twigs from a campsite before setting up your tent. After you've done this, think of it as a friendly place, one that holds you securely while you sleep.

If you still have that sinking feeling, relax into it and enjoy it! Just go with it, let it pull you down into that secure and peaceful place. If you feel anxious, simply observe what's happening without judging it. You will note that you do not suffocate and there is no real threat. It's just a weird feeling. Let it be.

As for your stomach churning, I suspect both that and the anxiety around the sinking feeling are coming from the same source. Ask yourself what's happening in your life to cause you stress. Ask it to come out from where it's hiding. Then ask it what it's lacking, what it needs, and how to satisfy it. It's a part of yourself, after all, so these questions - and their answers - are important aspects of healing whatever lies underneath.

Maybe the sinking feeling is actually a way to help you feel secure in the face of uncertainty, like a pair of velvet gloves to hold you, rather than to squeeze the life out of you.

By the way, all of this comes from experience. It works, especially if you make it a practice.

Good luck.


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