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Post atrial flutter ablation update # 4 or it 5


Hooray - out of hospital but administering heparin injections myself along with the warfarin with regular blood tests.

I must say my stay at Morriston Hospital, Swansea was like an all inclusive holiday but without the pool, gym & bar - the food excellent and staff so caring.

But very happy being home - no slacking - on with my day - and many thanks to all for your wishes, observations etc it has made a massive difference having you people there - I'm game for a gathering of like minded AFibbers 😀

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Good for you. ! Take it easy. Phil

in reply to pip_pip

Thank you

Take it easy mind! onwards and upwards as they say!

Good luck,

Wendi x

Hi Susiebelle,

Well Done and keep it up.

Best Wishes



Well done but please do not overdo it. I was told do nothing for the first week and not much more for the second. The more gently your heart heals the better and it will take at least three months for things to settle down fully.

Great and think of the limitations that I was told (you will have seen in other posts)!!

So pleased it went well for you! Like you I am keen to get on with things, but I have heeded the wise words of those on here who know better, and am taking it very easy now I am home from my daughter's.

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Thank you - walking is still incomfortable with the deep bruising and really trying to walk up straight - thigh feels as if the ligaments are so tight - lower back, due to the slight leaning forward, aching so making every effort to correct my posture.

Sleeping is getting easier.

It has not stopped me from having this procedure again if need be.

I know need to consider ablation for atrial fibrillation which I suspect have had for a very long time ( my mum told me I had a heart murmur when I was young so assume that was AF but had no particular name) Ho hum - which makes it far more difficult to ablate.

Onward & upward 😀


If you're anything like me - part hamster - you'll want to do more than your body wants. You may feel it most in your leg wound. Frankly, I wouldn't be too concerned about taking it easy on your heart. Yes, it's been stressed, and yes, it's healing from being poked, prodded, and inflamed. But it's still doing its job. Just don't crank it up with wind sprints or long-distance swimming.

Seriously ... walk as long and as fast as is comfortable. That will generate enough endorphins to help you feel like you've had some exercise (which, for an athlete, takes more than for the usual couch potato). And of course keep stretching. Those muscles you've toned over the years will tighten up in short order. Got yoga?

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Ha ha ha - at least it no longer hurts when I laugh ! My thigh is sooooo bruised but gently turning a green yellow instead of the über gone tone it had - onward & upward 😀

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I was so impressed with the colors my leg turned that I took pictures. Only the right one after my first ablation, but both of them after the second one. They were just gorgeous, and of course I had to enhance them in Photoshop. When I realized that no one else in the entire universe could possibly be interested - and it was unlikely I'd get any of the photos into an exhibition, even though I wore underwear for all the pics - I woke to my senses and deleted them. Of course, the next week someone asked what the bruising looked like and I had to show them a picture of a sunset.

Moral: Don't delete any part of your personal history. You never know when someone else might want to look.

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I still have my photo ....

Me too. I live in llantwit major. Between Barry and Porthcawl. There are other forum members that live in the area or fairly close by. We met up once but have. Not managed again yet x

Well we should & compare notes :

01792 539969

Thanks. I will ring after the weekend.x

Look forward to your call

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