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Ablation for atrial flutter

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I'm just out the Golden jubilie hospital Scotland after having ablation for my atrial flutter and I can honestly say I've had far worse dentist treatment and that's no joking!

Fingers crossed it helps me

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Just as I have been saying for years! Well done and fingers crossed for you. Take it easy for a while.

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Cheers brother Bob

Thank you for an excellent post.

For me the biggest problems with the ablation were organising the travel arrangements and the fact that they were gaining access via my groin. I am sure that I would have been less alarmed if they were going in through the chest wall or wrist.

As Bob said canal root treatment is worse, and the half hour I had with the dental hygienist yesterday wasn't much fun - but at least I got to drive myself home.

Now get plenty of rest to allow the burns in your heart to heal.

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Cheers jennydog


Great stuff Kaiser. Hope it works out really well, mine did. Like you said, I thought the procedure was a non-event, in fact after half a day of being groggy, I felt fantastic. Went round thanking all the nurses, so embarrassing when the drugs wore off :-/


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Cheers Koll

Good to hear that you found the procedure to be no problem. I agree wholeheartedly. Will keep my fingers crossed that you are cured.


Thanks x

Thats good to hear - take it easy now!


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Cheers heather

Hi Kaiser78,

Great news, hopefully all your problems (AF included) are now behind you. Fingers crossed.

Best Wishes


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Thanks Baz

Good to hear as I am in the waiting Q. Well done that man. Onwards and upwards!

Thank you

This is such an uplifting post, I can imagine it not only puts my mind at rest but many other members as well, thanks very much for posting Kaiser78. I wish you all the best in your recovery, stay healthy....

Honestly travelbug it was over in no time, I hardly felt a thing, and I got out the same day

Hope everything goes well for you. I've not needed anything but 2.5mg bisoporol so don't know what you're going through just now.

All the best.



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Cheers Willie, oh and we are the people πŸ‘πŸΌ

Good luck bro, hope u stay nsr, i had my ablation for afib 9 days ago,take it easy though bro, your probably still a bit high from the drugs, i couldnt go for a poo till a week later too lol. Enjoy being spoilt by those lovely nurses fella ;-)

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Cheers mate, I've had 3 for af, this was my first for atrial flutter, Oh I'm off till 4th January so I plan to relax πŸ‘πŸΌ


Great news Kaiser. To be honest, when I saw your hair, I thought that you'd had Cardioversion!..........OK, I'll fetch my coat.....

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Morning hair mate lol thanks πŸ‘πŸΌ

Hopefully I will be heading for the Golden Jubilee in the new year...hope it goes as well as yours...All the best..

Same as me, no regrets at all, I've just taken off my third holter check up after my ablation in July.

I've been in sinus 99.99% of the time since which feels great, I get a few ectopic beats, I still fell I have Afib but that it's finally under control.

I'd have another tomorrow if needed

Luv the photo. Kaiser ...


Well done hope all now stays calm. Take it easy and give it time before diving off for more excercise, I know what you men are like πŸ˜‘


Well done Kaiser keep the good work up but do listen to all the good advise given on this forum.


Brilliant! The Golden Jub is 10 mins from my house - that's where I'll be going when my time comes! Hope you keep well. Patricia.

Well done mate,

iv'e had 2 Ablations and said the same as you in past having a tooth out was a lot worse than having a Ablation

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