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4 month post ablation ep visit yesterday


Hi all , went to see my ep yesterday dr Stafford at glenfield , after waiting an hour and half didn't even get to see him , instead it was one of his registrars , he's keeping me on my meds till I see him again in six months , it's because my procedure wasn't straight forward and still needed cardioverting several times into nsr , pulmonary veins and roof line carried out but didn't halt the af , he did say its encouraging I've not had any af since although I have these episodes of normal and fast beats (ectopics) ? Which he said usually cause the af , what's next if needed other drugs he said possible more ablation , also said there's no cure for af , and no proof that taking a supliment works and no proof it didn't ? , he was not the most positive person I've met , he did say its still early days ,also had a 72 hr monitor on some 2 months ago which he didn't have the results from 😡 came away feeling I'm doomed ,nocked my duck off a bit cheers Paul

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Sorry to hear that Paul. It is a swine when things do not work out. They say be patient, but time grinds along. Many of us have been through the same scenario as you and live in hope that the next ablation will do the trick. When NSR arrives it is such a relief.

When you drop back into AF it's like doom and gloom, but quite natural to feel that way. Keep your end up and continue to learn as much as you can. That is so important.

We are all pulling for you on this site. Keep looking forward to that next ablation. You can have several as long as they don't overdo it. Get Well. Dave.

Runcrans in reply to DavDug

Thank you Dave , I no a lot of people have had two or three ablation before it works , I am happy to go down that route but he pulled a face and reminded me of the risks involved , he did say he thought any af should be short lived episodes not the usual 20 hrs I did get , I'd sooner get it sorted whilst still young ish and farly fit , not wait another ten years , cheers again Dave

Sulily49 in reply to Runcrans

Hello , I am under the same consultant at Glenfield and just had my third complex ablation procedure in just under 2 years this was for flutter and fib. Try and request to see dr Stafford at your next appt I have always found that he listens and he was very positive that he would be able to sort me if I had it done a third time. I am 2 weeks post ablation and keeping my fingers crossed. I wish you well and hope you stay in nsr.

Runcrans in reply to Sulily49

Thank you , thought it was just my af that was difficult or that's how this other ep made me feel , I hope your all sorted now cheers Paul

DavDug in reply to Runcrans


I started with AF in 2008. Am now 70 years. Having been left on drugs my AF developed into first Peroxysmal, then Persistent and finally long standing Persistent AF. Looking back I realise I should have been pressing long ago for more action and only found out later about the existence of an EP. My ignorance, I am afraid, did not help despite trying to keep abreast of what was going on.

One incident in Norway took me to the local hospital in Notodden. The outcome was cardioversion and back into NSR but the advice given was to get back home for an Ablation ASAP. That was their standard practice.

As well as the Nabivolol and Dabigatran I take Co enzyme Q10 300mg (Ubiquinone form) and Magnesium Taurate 100mg. I am sure these last two help the first being involved with the energy transport chain in living cells the second being a major element involved in converting food into energy and just as importantly helping the absorption of Calcium and Potassium. Sorry to bang on. Cheers. Dave.

Runcrans in reply to DavDug

Thank you Dave , I'm not really up on the supplement thing that's why I asked is opinion , it goes over my head but do think I've always lacked my body getting enough energy from food aone , I may ask my doctor about these thank you cheers paul

Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear that you did not meet the main man Dr Stafford, as I know you had some questions to ask from your previous post.

Keep positive and I wish you a great day at your daughter's wedding.

Best Wishes


Runcrans in reply to Barry24

Thank you Barry, at least I'm staying on the meds for the wedding , I will

Just have to pick myself up dust myself down and carry on 😊cheers Paul

Hey Paul, stay positive and don't let the way you were treated get you down. The psychology of being diagnosed with a heart condition was disabling for me, something that is lost in the revolving door of treatment practitioners. I was so angry with the way I was seen by a cardiologist I took a complaint out through PALs. But more importantly I found the support

of this site and the confidence it gave me to pursue my treatment plan. Good luck in getting the best treatment and resolution to your AF :-)

Thank you elbows , I will carry on as normal for the time being see what happens or don't happen tackle it when it does happen , are you still getting the miles in on the bike ? I'm still only aloud to jog for the time being just don't get that exilerated feeling when I've had a good run but taking the eps advice ,thanks again Paul

Out on the bike as much as I can. And like your jogging it's all part of staying sane, healthy and happy. Good luck again.

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