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Back in normal sinus rhythm

Yesterday I Went for my pre assessment, prior to my second cardio version today and my heart was in AF, as it had been for months. Today I got as far as the ecg before they gave me the cannula for the treatment and my heart chose today to go back into rhythm. Great I hear you say, not me, the shock was huge and the thought of a long waiting list for another cardio version, once it went back into AF was one of dread. Once I got used to it, I was more pleased. Has anyone else had similar? Also,I am on the waiting list for an ablation, will they still do that?

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Where do you live that you have to wait months for a cardioversion? It is a good sign that your heart is able to go back into rhythm on its own. That makes your ablation more likely to be successful. And I would say you are still a candidate for ablation since you have proven that you can have persistent AF for months. I hope you stay in NSR until then!


Thanks for your reply, I live in east sussex and had to wait 14 weeks for my first ablasions six weeks ago.


Of course they will do ablation when you are in NSR if you still need it. They don't need you to be in AF as they have some clever drugs to induced it anyway.

You need to be more positive as well and not assume that you will go into AF and need DCCV again. Most people do not have DCCV just because they are in AF unless they have a very high HR or their heart is distressed in some way. Many people are in permanent AF and get on quite happily with their lives. You say that you had an ablation only six weeks ago in which case then you are still in the healing or blanking stage up to three months and this could be just a blip on the road to recovery . You also say you are on the waiting list for an ablation or have you confused DCCV with ablation in your post? It seems strange to schedule a second ablation so soon after the first?


Am relieved they would still do the ablation if I need it. Thanks. Just to confirm, I have had one CV (sorry I don't know what Dc stands for) and was due second CV today. I am on the waiting list for my first ablation. I was put on the list for the CV and first ablation after the first cv didn't work.


Direct Current Cardioversion. You can be cardioverted chemically hence the different terminology.

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Hi Caz - Yes, I've had the same thing happen to me. Months in tachycardic Af and feeling quite disabled, pre-med cardio check and heart was still racing away, then next day all ready to have another cardioversion, cannula in and then when they put the heart monitor on I was back in normal sinus rhythm. A blessed relief I can tell you.



Hi Cazab52,yes this happened to me,in May,two months after starting AF had an ECG prior to 2nd Convertion (after being on Amiodarone,Bisopral and Bendroflumethiazide,and Apixaban)for 3months!

Since then remained on the drugs,appointment with my Cardiologist next week to decide what to do next,,I presume it will be to stop Amiodarone and Bisopral and see what happens? He thinks my AF was caused by Septicemia!


My only comment is to make sure you stay in anti coagulants.

Hope all goes well.



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