Getting back in rhythm

Hi everyone, I don't know if anybody experienced what happened to me this morning. I was still in AF when I felt quite nauseous and felt a bit funny. Than I felt a jolt and my heart slowed down and went back to normal rhythm. Took my blood pressure and readings were 122/78 pulse 57. I have never before felt it happening like that. Glad to be back to normal. Rienij 😊

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  • Yes, I've certainly had it happen like that :-)

  • Are you on flecainide? I think it can do that.

  • Yes ... it happens to me.  I get a slightly nauseous jolt occasionally and I think - Ah... I have reverted!  Doesn't happen every time I revert....just once in a while. Don't worry....

  • Hi Lizzy that was what happened, never had that before so slightly unnerving. But glad to be back to normal.😊

  • Hi kfog no bisoprolol.

  • Yes, me to. Usually, it's so gradual that I constantly have to check my pulse to confirm I'm back in NSR but on a couple of occasions it was sudden and I was aware of it. Funnily, enough that happened when I was feeling a little anxious about something.

  • Thats great I have had that before too enjoy feeling good

  • Yes I've had it happen, worrying to start but then great!

  • To right🤗🤗

  • it happend to me just went back in nsr next day they say i had a tia i had a chad score 0 on no medication they put me on apixaban had af 4 years now 

  • Whoops quite scary that

  • It was only lasted 5 seconds my right hand went numb had been on homapathic treatment to put my heart in nsr it worked but what do you do if you get a scare like that

  • I will definitely mention it  to my doctor on my next visit. I obviously don't know enough about the condition, I take it for granted and feel protected because I take warfarine and Bisoprolol. I have learned more about it from this website, than I have ever been told from my cardiologist or GP. Rienij

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