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Post atrial flutter ablation

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A week ago Monday I had catheter ablation for atrial flutter.

Wednesday of this week I woke up to quite excruciating pain top of my thigh / groin area.

Went to see practice nurse who then got GP to check me out and said it was quite common.

Through the day on Wednesday it became swollen then yesterday morning noticed bruising - heavy & large area of bruising.

Today I rang the short stay cardiac clinic at Morriston Hosp where I had the procedure done - they have told me to get it checked out at my GP. I have an appointment with my GP this afternoon.

Do you think this swelling & bruising is normal ?

I know we all react differently to trauma but if you can imagine putting a sumo wrestler between your thighs and giving him an exceedingly tight squeeze I reckon this might be the result.

Feedback would be appreciated- thanks πŸ˜€

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I had a lot of pain from my thigh. Not just aching but horrible muscle spasms. After about 2 weeks a massive bruise came out and started working its way down my leg and gradually it eased and by a month all was o.k. . My doctor said it was a very deep seated bruise but I was worried in case it was a clot.

It is a good plan to see your doctor. Good luck. I will be interested to know the outcome. X

Hi - thank you for reply - I de used to go to A&E to get it checked out - they are checking my INR now - will let you know - not that I am a 'wuss' but want to be on the safe side

Don't blame you.x

My INR is now up to 4 .... And they have said they will give me 5mg of Vit K to bring it down.

Also keeping me in to check my femoral artery was not damaged during the procedure.

It's 5.30 am still in A& E - no bed & nothing to eat & drink after 6am.

Ho hum - onward & upward


Bruising from the entry point in your groin is quiet normal. All mine resulted in a colourful display which spread half way down to my knee along with a hard lump. I didn't have much in the way of what I would call pain but we are all different aren't we. So long as there is no numbness in your leg or ankle/foot and your GP says it is normal I would accept that.


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Thank you

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Just want to be on the safe side πŸ˜€

HI! Susiebelle,

First Ablation for me left a hard lump in the groin like a very large pea which slowly disappeared over 5/6 weeks. The firework display appeared a couple of days later. Nearly auctioned the photos off on eBay it was that good! The second ablation: well ...........the lump was there but not Guy Fawkes. The Electrophysiologist was very gentle and 7 weeks later I am still in sinus rhythm. Will be lighting the blue touch paper when I visit the clinic on the 7th December!


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Excellent - looks like I have been crushing a sumo wrestler between my thighs -the colour reminds me of a aubergine too πŸ˜€

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hope it goes away soon

Ultrasound is the main way to assess for vascular abnormality.

Yes had that done just now and all looking good apart from deep bruising and swelling in the abductor muscle & surrounding area - part of the ablation course but if sorts out tbe flutter fine - now whether to have the fibrillation sorted .....


I developed a large lump about 4 inches long and an inch wide in my groin post ablation over a four day period. Went to out of hours surgery who admitted me to hospital. After checks, diagnosis was pseudohaematoma. Nothing to worry about. It slowly went, leaving whole thigh black and blue and then that went too. Par for the course I'm afraid!

Mine is aubergine in colour πŸ˜€

Ultra sound showed femoral artery is fine just really deep abductor muscle bruising & slight swelling which will take a while to settle down but that's the first thumbs up.

Next need my INR checked later today when the Vit K has had time to work.

These are all stories to tell πŸ˜€

I a sure that Vit K cause all this upheaval - INR up to 1.3 - at least it's moving in the right direction

My first Ablation caused a haematoma and damage to the femoral nerve which appears to be permanent. No longer ticklish on bottom of that foot!

Let us know how you get on.

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Hi - ultra sound showed no damage to femoral artery which is good - just need to wait for INR to be tested.

Hooray !

Great news!

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