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3rd day after Ablation for AF and Flutter


I had my double ablation (paroxysmal AF and Atrial Flutter) on Tuesday came home Wednesday. Feeling good all things considered. Had catheters in both legs groin, there was no post bleeding and no bruising at all. Had the TOE so swallowing was bit sore then uncomfortable and still can feel it when swallowing but it easing off each day so not worrying.

Chest , today is aching quite a bit more with sensation in front of chest when I breathe in and out but mostly round ribs back area, stiffness but just backache. Paracetamol helping. I didn't sleep for 2 nights in hospital, but have slept lots and now feel have caught up. No untoward sensations in heart so far. Was advised to expect some ectopics strange blips and palps and possibly short periods of AF, for up to 3 months whilst heart is healing but shouldn't get any flutter (long periods of fast heart rate) any more.

My body is telling me that I need to recuperate - so I have decided to take few more days off and go back to work next Friday.

Good luck to anyone about to have the procedure, there really wasn't anything to fear - go for it.

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Good for you. Glad you are not trying to run before you can walk. Pamper yourself.

I am so glad that you are making good progress. I didn't feel my heart for the first 6 weeks after my ablation but have had occasional mild episodes since, so far controlled by flecainide as a pill-in-the -pocket.

Did they explain why they went in on both sides rather than just the right side? Was it to do with both AF and flutter?

You are right to take time to heal.

Best wishes.

wendy6 in reply to jennydog

Hi Jenny

They were planning on going in on right side only, but ended up both.

They knew they had to do flutter and AF beforehand.

to quote from my discharge notes - "All 4 PV's isolated with WACA, right sided flutter line with bidirectional block" I don't think they looked for the dodgy areas and I had a peak at notes whist in hospital and looked like they couldn't trigger any AF stayed in sinus throughout. So they just ablated around all 4 areas.

Notes state all went well no complications. Review and Holter monitor in 10 weeks.

Still on all my meds as before.

Best wishes Wendy

well done good to hear you are well rest a lot now!!

Hi Wendy,

Well Done, and take it easy now.

May I ask what medication you are now on after the ablation?

Best Wishes


Hi Barry, and thank you for good wishes everyone

my meds are Ramipril 10mg for BP, Propafenone 150mg x 3 day (rhythm control)Verapamil (half securon) 120mg x 2 day (heart rate control) Pravastatin 20 mg x 1, Warfarin 5mg x 1. Have been on these meds since May 2015. Before that was on Flecainide 50mg x 2 or 3 per day instead of Propafenone, plus all other meds same. Had been on meds since 2007! Since diagnosed. Also take Triple Magnesium tablets 800mg a day.


Hi Wendy,

Many thanks for your response.

Hope things continue to progress well for you.

Best Wishes


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