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Interesting information posted here about possible vagus nerve triggers for AF. Wonder if the opposite might be true in some cases. The last time I went to ER in AF episode, it stopped the second my IV was inserted. I have terrible veins and it is always a painful process. Is it possible the shock of the IV contributed to end of the episode? My friend offered next time to stab me with a dull pencil for free! We have a quirky sense of humor.

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  • Yes I think it is the case. Cold water may be another to put you in or out of AF ...I haven't tried it yet! I guess it depends on first how sensitive your Vagus Nerve is and second what affects others may not do it for you.

    I was in A & E a few years back with no knowledge of cardioversion. The Flecainide drip wasn't working and the doctor came in and said he was going to have to shock me and that thought put me straight back to NSR. Chicken or what....!

  • You poor dears! What a lot we all go through & I am feeling for you all!

  • The vagus nerve is definitely connected to our condition. I have had effects the Dr. said was coming from the vagus nerve - Its all connected.

  • Just like Orchardworker I to went straight back into SNR when the doc in A& E said they were going to cardiovert me. Also the opposite affect ...I went into AF on two occasions after drinking a glass of iced coke. Told at that time to avoid ice which I now do.

    Hope you find something that works for you .

  • Is there a link to a particular piece of information somewhere? I'm missing something!



  • The vagus nerve can affect AF and in reverse AF can affect the vagus nerve!!!!! Search for previous posts on here

  • Very cold drinks are definitely a trigger for me. Unfortunately that includes cold beer-----

  • Suddenly bending to put on shoes or emptying washing machine can trigger my AF which I understand is Vagus nerve same as after eating large meal.

  • When I was a trainee paramedic 14 years ago we got shown 2 methods to counteract svt. This was getting the patient to blow up a 20ml syringe and the second was the valsalva manoeuvre - this was carotid sinus massage that stimulated the vagus nerve also. This was 14 years ago though and no longer recommended. Carotid sinus massage was in the end concluded to increase the likelihood of stroke! So yeah I reckon it prob does work both ways. Just to make this clear these methods are no longer used.

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