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Scenar and the Vagus Nerve

Scenar is one name for this device.  The following two sites are some of many that can be found on the internet.  Scenar is approved for use in some countries where Physiokey may not be.  Look at the testimonials on these sites for examples of a few ways that it can be used.  Veterinarians use it on animals with great success.  Training is definitely required for the professional device.  The personal devices require much less training.

By accident, when I chose a chiropractor to check my neck for vagus nerve issues, he happened to be the only one in eastern Canada who had a Scenar device.  I asked him if he would check to see if it could be used to impact the vagus nerve as  it does impact nerves.  He did some research and then said we could give it a try with no certainty of what would result.  I needed neck and back attention so while doing these adjustments he also used the Scenar device in what could possibly be a successful approach.   After about 10 fairly frequent treatments, it has definitely changed the parameters of my AF episodes; but so far has not stopped them.  He is now spacing out the treatments as recommended for nerve issues.  He is communicating with a practitioner in Australia who is interested in this treatment possibility. 

He did say, during treating a person for structural issues, this person's AF stopped and did not return.  He presumed the adjustments somehow impacted the vagus nerve where it leaves the spine in the neck.  He did not have the Scenar device at that time.

Has anyone heard of this device and have they tried it for AF?  I have not been able to find, on the internet, any instances where it has been used for AF.

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Never heard of it.  What is it exactly meant to do, and how is supposedly meant to affect AF?


Very interesting Engmac but never heard of either. My optimistic view is that an external device will be able to control AF in the future some cases!


Annaelizabeth - take a look at this website below which gives a good explanation.  I cannot find any reference for its use for AF and for this reason I was hoping someone on this forum may have had an experience with it for this or another reason or would be willing to check it out.   I also thought I would post this since some people may get treatment with it for the many other reasons for which it has been found to be effective.

I had one more session yesterday and now the next one will be a week later.  I still have AF but it seems to be less often.   I doubt that any company or doctor will want to do much research on this since so much focus and money is invested in treating the heart itself at present and there will be no profit in this if it actually does help some people.  Kind of sad when you think of it.  If as orchardworker surmises, a device will be found it will save the health care system a lot of money. 

I am surprised that at least one person would not be willing to investigate this.  I think there must be some underlying cause for AF that has not been found; since so many people are finding that they have it.


This is very interesting. My Naturopath believes there is a close connection with central nervous systems and AFib. I have feelings of electrical currents in my lower extremities. When I go into AFib these feelings intensify. I have tried to explain to my EP but they have no answers. Naturopath has me on magnesium, and high doses of B Vitamins. I go to a chiropractor as well and will ask him about this device. Thanks for info, Gracey 


Can I ask Gracey, which Vit Bs and at what level, as currently I take some Vit B1,6 & 12 in a Magnesium compound called Nutri Megamag Muscleze that my Naturopath prescribed?


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