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New innovative catheter ablation procedures for AFib

Here, Dr. Robert Kowal talks about innovative new catheter ablation procedures for atrial fibrillation, including laser balloon, cycled phased radiofrequency, FIRM (Focal Impulse and Rotor Modulation) mapping, and renal artery denervation.

The stroke prevention devices that he discussed are done by electrophysiologists and include the Watchman left atrial occlusion device and the Lariat left atrial appendage closure.

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Amazing developments in the pipeline. Thank you for posting this very interesting lecture.


Very interesting talk - thank you for posting it.


Much appreciated Dave and very positive for the future.


Thank you....

So as you see thechnology develop very fast so the best think to do when you get AFIB is to prolong the effect of the tablets trough a diet that controll blood pressure and fat and beneficial for the ritme

we can soo wait more time before

to get an Ablation.


I tried to get on a trial for renal denervation at Imperial College in 2011. I was not accepted as my BP was not consistently high enough but the thorough examination found that I had aortic stenosis and needed a valve replacement. That was the benefit, the downside was that like about 30% of patients having heart surgery I went into AF.

At the moment I am considering the Watchman left atrial occlusion device as a private patient but hanging off as the consultant who will be doing my ablation said that he might be able to get me the alternative Amplatzer Device as an NHS patient.

However there does seem to be a problem with it.


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