AFib Catheter Ablation Circulation Issues

I had my AFib Catheter Ablation on Thursday, and noticed on Sunday night that I have a lump above the right groin insertion site. Also, I have had issues on the right side of my body, which caused me to limp a little when I walked and my right arm and fingers felt a bit almost numb. Does this sound related or just a weird coincidence?

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  • The lump is normal and will hopefully reduce over time. The parathesia less so but may well be connected. I suggest that you contact the arrhythmia nurse where you had your ablation done and explain. That is what they are there for. If you have not been given a contact number then please ring your EP's secretary this morning and explain. If you can't get in touch with either and your GP won't or can't see you then if all else fails then A and E would be a good start.

    As I say the lump is quite normal but not the numbness.

  • If there is a hospital with an urgent care unit or a minor injuries unit near you then you can always try them instead because you are likely to be seen more quickly.

  • Hi Hallju - Yes, the lump is quite normal. I had one and it was so big I was sure they had left something inside me. Went to my GP who said it was normal and then not believing him went to A+E a few days later, yep was told normal again. As Bob says if you have any concerns at all then ring your arrhythmia nurse. I think I would certainly ask them about the numbness.

    Best wishes


  • Sounds normal, after both ablations (the first I had quite a significant post-op bleed) I had a small lump at the insertion site.... and quite a bad bruise because of the bleed - there's a picture of my thigh on here somewhere. I struggle with my right leg anyway due to osteoathritis, so it was mad walking for about 3 weeks....

  • Thank you all so much! It is such a comfort knowing I have a community of peers who have walked the road ahead of me.

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