Ablation what to expect after

It will be a month tomorrow since I had ablation procedure.

Everything went well except I have extreme fatigue.

Tried shooting baskets but got winded quickly.

Can walk about a quarter of a mile but still get fatigued.

Is this normal. I feel awful!

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  • Check with your medical provider. But just anecdotally, I also started out walking 1/4 mile and then resting. I am now 2 1/2 months post-ablation and have worked up to walking 15-20 minutes at a time. But others are running races 1-2 weeks after.

  • Hi Lorna:

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Maybe I am pushing myself too hard and expecting too much in a short period of time


  • Hello

    Today it's four weeks since I had my ablation (7 hours under sedation and then general anesthesia ) I am still fatigued most of the time and need to rest after 10-15 minutes of moderate activity. Went out with my daughter today and pushed myself a little. I'm extremely tired and probably will pay for it tomorrow. With that said, I feel a million times better than before the procedure. Hope for more endurance as the scarring heals :-)

    It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in the way I feel. I have high hopes of returning to my old-self.

    Wish you the best in your healing journey!

  • Just take it easy, it took me about four months before I felt re- energised. I ran upstairs without thinking about it and realised I didn't feel out of breath. Don't be impatient just chill. As the AF nurse said to me ' you might not have a zip up your chest but your heart has had a kicking!' Good luck x

  • It takes three to six months for full recovery so don't beat yourself up. Take it easy and listen to your body. The nurse mentioned by SuzieA has nicked my comment. Must have read it on here. ha ha.


  • I assume they've done ECG's to see if the ablation has worked?

    A couple of years ago I was bad before the procedure for about a year, and lost fitness and strength, even walking was not easy. When I was eventually put right (by drugs this time because they couldn't do an ablation) it still took about a year for me to get fit again, even though my ticker was ticking normally.

    Just a thought.


  • Did you have a general anaesthetic ? Several medics have told me that it takes up to 6 months to get it out of your system.

    The first thing I learned in Latin classes was "Festina lente" which means "Hasten slowly." It's good advice. Be kind to yourself and you'll get there.

  • Maybe I was lucky but I went for a 3 mile walk the next day. Chest was in pain but for me gentle walking always relieves that. I'd ask your GP for an ECG (or just get your own AliveCor) just to give it a quick check.

  • I would echo everyone else's comments. I am 3 months post ablation and still find some things ( climbing stairs is one of them) really tiring. I believe no two hearts are the same in terms of recovery periods after a procedure like this, which is why some people do seem to be back to normal after a couple of weeks and others like me are still getting there! A month is still really early days and I wouldn't worry unduly for at least a couple more months ( normal health checks permitting of course). Your heart is still re configuring so give it the time it needs to get back to normal.

  • Sounds exactly like I felt after my ablation, I began to notice slight improvement from about a month though, about 1 yr later (waiting for a second ablation) I am much improved, better than before my first ablation. The heart is irritated by the ablation, so it needs some time to calm down.

  • I just had my first ablation 2 days ago. Having some fluttering going on....was told this was normal. Any of you experience thus as you started healing?

  • Oh my please be gentle with yourself ...your body needs time to heal itself and your heart has had an insult that takes time to mend...many on here have quick recovery and others need a lot more time....just take your time and all will be well soon enough....if your body is telling you to slow down then heed the warning and do as your body requests....I am still struggling with crazy heart beats , angina and some other problems associated with the ablation and I am 12 months now.....but am happy I am AF free and doing most things without problems except for those days that bring me back to a rest day....my EP has no answers at the moment but is suggesting a tidy up in the next few months as long as I know the gastroparesis will return and I will feel very sick for some months again.......so be gentle with yourself please......stay well and safe....best wishes Jo

  • HI Missey, on waiting list for my first ablation, hopefully early next year, but just wondered what is gastroparesis?

  • Hi Julie10051

    Gastroparesis is when the nerves of the stomach are affected by the ablation process and it stops the muscles of the stomach working so your stomach doesn't empty and you feel very sick all the time....there is weight loss +++ because you can't eat...and you need medication and treatment to help your body repair itself it can take many months or it may be just a few weeks depending on the damage....

    It doesn't happen to everyone just a minority few....I was just unlucky....but there are others on here who have the same problem or some sort of gastric emptying slowness....post ablation....don't let this put you off....I would have the ablation again in a heart beat as I couldn't function with PAF so go for it and you will probably fly through it and be back on deck in no time....just remember to listen to your body telling you to rest when you need too that's the real message in getting better after you have the ablation done....and if there are any problems make sure you get back to your EP ...Gp or nurse that's important for your recovery....best wishes

    Jo x

  • Thanks Jo, that is really helpful and much appreciated, it really is useful to be able to prepare yourself, but off course the ablation is definately what i want to happen, as my AF and SVT is slowly getting worse, thanks again Julie.

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