After ablation

Hi guys as you might know I ad an ablation a couple of weeks ago

I've been getting palpitations quite a bit but yesterday I went back into afib and it's still irregular now

It's now been about 20 hours so I don't think it's going to go back on its own , I've been trying to get in touch with the hospital but can't get threw to them so not sure what to do now

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  • Hi Steve - Is your heart constantly racing or doing an abnormal beat? I don't understand why you can't get through to your hospital. If its your EP dept not answering the phone, then if you are in the U.K. you were probably calling before anyone came in. Do you have a number for your arrithymia nurse? I would try calling the hospital again now and leave a message if they have that facility. If you can't get through tothe EP dept. I would call the main switchboard and ask to talk to the head cardiology nurse (that's what I was told to do). Hope you are soon sorted.

    Please let us know how you get on.

  • Don't give up too soon Steve. This does happen sometimes and you may need zapping back . Early days yet. but do try to talk to the hospital


  • Thanks for the replies looks like am back in afib just like before my ablation , still trying to get into with hospital

  • Hi. I had ablation in November and like you I had various arrhythmias - was never sure if bouts of af. Then they stopped and ok for about a month but then had episode of af that lasted about 20 hours but it did stop.

    That was jan 13th and nothing since. So I hope this is just a glitch and that by now you are back in NSR. Are you on any meds. I am not but at my 3 monthly check up the doc said if it happens again take some bisoprolol.

    As others said you should talk to hospital so hope you have been able to by now. Again it may be just a one off so best of luck.

  • Thank you Iallym much appreciated

  • Hi guys thanks for your replies it really helps and much appreciated , I've finally got in touch with the hospital I've got to see if goes back into sinus over the weekend if not I am in for cardioversion Monday morning so it's just wait and see ,I am on bisopropol and ramipril and feel terrible , it's annoying as I was just starting to feel better

  • Hi Steve - glad you got through - don't give up hope yet though because as Bob says it is still early days.

    Think calm heart.......

  • Hi Steve, what a shame, I hope it goes back in, I've never had an ablation but I hear that in the early stages the heart can do all sorts of odd things. Just look after yourself and hopefully things will calm down a bit...


  • Thank you Lis that's very kind of you , hopefully it might settle down but no change so far , it's completely wiped me out am exhausted

  • All you can do at this stage is rest and take care of yourself... It's never easy, this condition. Sending you lots of good wishes and calming thoughts :)

  • Hope you feel better soon Steve

  • Thanks Rosy much appreciated

  • Hi Steve - hope things have sorted out for you. I have had 2 ablations and had a hard time afterwards, each time. My doctor who performed them told me to hang on for six weeks - that's about how long it takes the heart to recover and start behaving to its new normal. He was right- in almost exactly 6 weeks everything calmed down and NSR became consistent.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Jmm7 that's good to know am still out of rhythm so it's looking like cardioversion Monday then hopefully then it might settle down abit , thanks again

  • Any improvement? If not, all the best for tomorrow

  • Really sorry to hear you're having problems but try not to worry too much (difficult I know). We're all very different and take varying amount of times to recover. I try to enjoy every day and be glad my problems. although distressing, aren't as serious or life changing as they could be. I know that I've had AF for about thirty years although undiagnosed until the last eight years or so and I'm still here to tell the tale.

    I had an ablation at the end of October no pain, no bleeding or bruising and was absolutely fine for nine weeks then had a seven hour episode of AF. Fine for another seven weeks and the a nine hour episode of AF. It's all slightly disappointing but much improved from the weekly or twice weekly episodes, which lasted for up to thirty six hours, I was getting pre ablation.My arrhythmia nurse is not not concerned and will recommend a second ablation after six months as she feels it can take that long for the best results to show. I would have no concerns about having a second ablation as I was so impressed with the treatment received the first time.

  • Hi thanks for the messages , I am stuck back in afib now , it's been constant since Thursday now so cardioversion tomorrow , am not sure if that'll have any affect long term but am in the hands of the doctors , I feel worse now than before my ablation which is a downer after feeling so good for a few weeks

    Thanks everybody for your kind words

  • Hope tomorrow will move you forwards - if you haven't improved spontaneously.

  • Good luck and really hope the cardioversion works. So sorry the ablation has not helped but as I am sure you know they often do not get all the spots so may do another ( if that's what you want). All the best.

  • Thanks for the comments it's much appreciated ,I'll just keep going whatever happens even if it means more ablations I won't let it beat Me

  • I haven't had an ablation yet but have agreed to do so when symptons are more frequent and as vigorous as at outset in August. However, it may be helpful to let you know that the EP I saw explained that she often does more than one ablation as she likes to do the minimum at first and then do more if it proves to be needed. Nearly everyone who talks about ablation on this site has said they have had some AF in the first weeks and it seems logical to think yours might have worsened because of the ablation effect- hope this proves the case and that the second attempt(if needed and if you agree to it) improves things. Hope the cardioversion works tomorrow and nothing more is needed. Take care

  • Thanks Rosy and very good luck with yours , I think the problem is they don't give you very much help or advise after ablation , you just get a telephone number for if anything happens , that's why it's good to have this site to turn to for support

    Thank you

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