Tablet change quicker Heart Beats!

I posted a few days back about my tablet changes and I am now getting an average at rest beat of 136 BPM. Going up stairs I am peaking at between 154-163 BPM. I am still feeling rough but not overly happy as this morning on waking I was 136BPM in bed with the occasional miss :( on top of that my breathing is not good but as there is a smog alert on the UK at the moment I do not know if that is causing the breathing problems or the chest pains?

I have called my cardiologist again but still no returned call?

Be Well

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  • Try your consultant again Offcut. The weekend is nearly upon us so give them a call before they shut up shop for the next two days. You cant go on like that you need advice and support. Is your GP around, mine tells me to ring and say cardiac and they jump to it, her words not mine.

    Hope you get some assistance soon and start to feel better, this situation is no good for you.


  • Thats terrible - you need help - now! Do not let it continue this way - call an ambo if you have to but jumping to 150 bpm just from a small amount of movement is a huge alarm bell. Get serious about this and call someone.

  • Before my last tablets Sotalol I was averaging 150 BPM and have had weeks of that over the years. On one 24 monitor test I went as low as 35 and peaked at 168 !

  • Are you using any supplements like Magnesium? I started it 6 weeks ago and the improvement in my AF is incredible. Worth taking a look?

  • I have been warned of any vits by the warfarin nurse :(

  • You need to do some more research as dr's and nurses do not know it all!

    I have done a lot of research and found that some (not all) sources say you should not take take potassium with warfarin. I can't take potassium with Metoprolol which is a shame because potassium is fantastic for heart health.

    There is NOTHING I have found that says you can not take magnesium with Warfarin. In fact many sources recommend it along with limited Vitamin D.

    TBH I think you need to be more assertive with your Warfarn nurse. Banning all supplements is ridiculous as many can be beneficial - it's just lazy medicine.

    There ARE things you can do to help with your heart, you need to be willing to put in the effort to find them. Unfortunately many medical professionals think that prescribing a pill is how to help your body.

    As an example I found out that Amiodarone - which is my anti-arrhythmic drug - leaches magnesium from the body, which is the main nutrient used to for regulating heart beat! No cardioligist or Dr or nurse told me this. I realised after my 3rd magnesium drip in 3 visits to emergency that there must be something to it and am now AF free for 6 weeks which is a record for me.

    I'd strongly suggest you spend some time googling all this and start asking questions of your health professionals. Take control of your health.

    Sorry if this seems a bit harsh but I used to just shrug and think there was nothing I could do but there IS, believe me.

  • What kind of magnesium are you using.....I know that it helps...

  • As far as I know chelated magnesium is what you should look for. I use Micronutrients 500 MG Chelated Magnesium which has 100 mg of elemental magnesium (the important part is the 100 gm). I started at a day, then 4, then 5, and am going to 6. Your body can't overdose and it will tell you when its hit peak.

  • I rub magnesium oil directly over husband's heart where it goes directly into the tissues. It really does help.

  • It really is an unsung hero and I wish that more Dr's and cardiologists would suggest it to their patients. The amount of time I have wasted feeling on the edge of an AF constantly frustrates me when a simple supplement has made such a difference. And your right the oil is a better way to absorb it, I am really going the tablet route for convenience:)

    AN added bonus for me as a smoker is that I have found my breathing clearer since starting the magnesium as its always great for your lungs. I was reading the other day that magnesium is the second most common mineral in the body and is about 0.05% of the body's weight. No wonder we struggle when we do not have enough!

  • I will definitely look at it

  • Really feel for you, that's quite a high pulse rate to have. Hope you have got some advice by now.

  • Nothing back from heart man, GP will not advise me to come off them only says it is your choice?

  • Is there an AF specialist nurse at your hospital that you can contact? There is at mine. I can sometimes manage to bring my heart rate down a bit by breathing out for as long as I can and bearing down and tensing my chest area.

  • I have tried all of my usual tricks but sometimes it gets stubborn! I have had this on and off since 1992. But once they found I had PH they cancelled my Pace and Ablate! :(

  • I would imagine that your diseases and treatments are complicated and that you see a pulmonologist as well as a cardiologist? Do they talk to each other?

    If you cannot get any joy from your cardiologist, can you get through to another consultant who may be able to put some pressure on cardiology to have you seen quickly as I am sure they will not be happy with that sort of heart rate?

    What is your long term prognosis? What sort of support do you need from us or is it enough just to post.

    My heart goes out to you and sending you very best wishes as it must be very uncomfortable and limiting for you. Very best wishes CD

  • Thank you for you good wishes.

    This has been my biggest problem when I was at my old Doctors before we moved they treated me with heart and lung problems with the knowledge that some of the treatments react to the other condition.

    My new doctors carried on with the treatments but when my lungs got worse blamed my heart problems ? My Cardiologist sent my GP's a letter stating that he has concerns over my lung condition and would like them to look more deeply into my lung issues as they are not related to my heart conditions!

    This was ignored! Even though I had lung failure in 2008 32 days in ICU with 12 in a coma. I came out with 76% lung function. The lung specialist stated that I was lucky to have survived and I have permanent damage, He closed with I am sorry but you will be back to see me again as this is not going to get better.

    It was only after I found I had worked with asbestos for 10+ years that the GP gave me a spirometry test and then I was sent to hospital for more precise test that concluded I had now a lung function of 57% upright and 45% when flat. with the conditions of Restrictive lung disease and Pulmonary Hypertension with a right side paralysed diaphragm.

    As for any of them talking to each other the answer is no!

    One of my lung specialists has stated that "Sorry they do not have a magic pill for me!" My GP has said "Live with it!"

    I have posted a link to the difference to COPD and RLD

    Sorry for the long reply :)

    Be Well

  • Thank you so much for that, I am in danger of RLD because I also have Myasthenia gravis and it is a complication of being in an Mg crisis.

  • I have not heard of this but both my parents have died with leukemia and my sister has Lupus? My GP refuses to test me for RA even though the symptoms fit, because my joints are not swollen?

  • Lupus & RA both autoimmune diseases and many people who have one autoimmune disease have several. Lupus is probably closer to Mg, the so called 'sister' disease being MS which most people are aware of. I certainly have RA but it is manageable, I sometimes get swollen joints but mostly just pain.

    Interestingly I recently heard a doctor describe cancer and autoimmune diseases as polarities on the same continuum, the former a lack of response from the immune system and the latter an over response of the immune system.

    Having more than one condition complicates treatments and I am SO lucky that the surgery I have are just the best I ever experienced and so supportive.

    Surely a GP's job is to oversee all medications and treat wholistically? Least that is my understanding of a GP job description and whilst they not be specialist on individual diseases, the wholistic element IS their speciality.

  • It seems mine only want to deal with one at a time?

  • really thinking about you mate - hope you get some relief soon.

  • Me Too.

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