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I've just been told by my doc that my Q risk is 31.7, which means I have a 1 in 3 chance of stroke or heart attack in the next ten years. She has prescribed Statins, I'm already taking Amiodarone, Bisoprolol and Warfarin. Is anyone else taking the statins while taking rythmn meds?


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i take Pradaxa, Flecainide, Bisoprolol and Simvastatin have done for a while with no adverse effects that i am aware of.

Thanks, have read most of the articles so far, and still undecided as what to do for the best.

Yes I take lipitor and bisophorol


Don't take rhythm meds now but did for years whilst taking statin.


Yes, I take statins ...20 mg Simvastatin , plus heart rhythm drug and have done for years . I had to stop taking statins for a few months when I was prescribed Dronedarone a couple of years ago as the two have adverse interactions. Otherwise, no problems.


Hi Picman

I was on Amiodarone with statins without a problem, just the statins, rivaroxaban and diltaizem now but had no difficulties

Be well



I have taken two types of statins and various rhythm control drugs at the same time with no linked side-effects, i.e. I mean side-effects caused by taking both. I did get muscle spasms caused by Simvastatin though, and was changed over to Atorvastatin (Lipitor). So far so good.


Taking warfarin flecanide statins and osteoporosis medication with no problems.

I would put up with a lot to avoid a stroke. X


Plant based diet totally reversed my high cholesterol No longer need drugs.

The life expectancy of we humans in the developed world keeps increasing? This, despite a tendency towards less healthy lifestyles. I know it's hard for the statin bashers to come to terms with but perhaps it might be that blood pressure control and statins really are the world's little life savers?

But keep taking the magnesium coz, it might be that......!

CDreamer in reply to RobertELee

Very true - but isn't that mainly due treatments for infectious diseases which used to kill thousands, better sanitation and - dare I say it- improved health and safety especially in the work place?

Oh ....... And good genes - both grandmas lived to over 90.

Personally I refused the statins, personal choice.

I takes simvastatin bisoprolol candesartan plus, Apixaban potassium fruseimide

If you decide to take them, demand lots of blood test, at least every three months.

Almost ruined my life! Stopped them just in time 10 years ago. Life improved every year, and is still quite good at 70.. Just AF..

Hi I have recently been told my Q risk is 35! So I am now also taking Atorvastatin, as well as Furosemide, Digoxin, Bisoprolol, & Warfarin, so far no extra side effects, worth taking to help avoid a Stroke or Heart attack, good luck.

Hi , yes im taking stations as well as warfarin and bisoprolol 10mg not happy! !good luck!!

Thanks everyone. I'll think about things over the weekend, my main concerns were the chance of it starting more AF episodes and as I already have a raised glucose level and been told I'm borderline diabetic if the statins would increase that risk.

The MHRA's figures claim that statins may be effective for 450 coronary, stroke or mortality events in 10,000; that's 4.5%.

Some doctors believe it is the anti-inflammatory properties of statins that are beneficial, and there are less harmful anti-inflammatories.

A doctor has been in the media again yesterday, informing people that having a real, whole-food diet, where the foods are high in micro-nutrients, is one of the most effective preventions (along with stopping smoking and not drinking too much alcohol), more effective than known drugs. He also announced it was not a low-fat diet and shouldn't involve counting calories; the Mediterranean eating plan is a prime-example.

Yes, I have taken Simvastatin 20mg and Flecanaide - dropped the flex last year. Also on other needs.

Question - when a Q reading is calculated, is it done on the presumption that you are not taking drugs to correct ones abnormalities? For example, if you are taking Warfarin, does this affect the Q reading?

Would never offer advice or even comment on the great statin controversy. Husband takes 'em, I don't , although my cholesterol is high and his is low but other risk factors low for me (apart from AF for which I'm anticoagulated). Being a glass half full sort of soul, I suspect if you had a one in three chance of winning the lottery you wouldn't

If you ate properly you would not need to take statins or most of the other drugs. Do some research statins are rubbish - there is so much data on the internet now on why cholesterol is NOT bad and how statins are. The number to treat for statins is higher than any other drugs on the market. Do a 100% LCHF diet. Read the "real meal revolution" read anything by Gary Taube, Stephen Phinney or Professor Tom Noakes. Here are some links - educate yourself - I was 4 days away from being implanted with a pacemaker until my change in diet saved me. Especially read the 4th website - you tube any of the names I mentioned. It is sugar and carbs that are killing you - not cholesterol.

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