Why is it the minute I get on to a liner, or soon after finishing our cruise I go into some significant PAF, last one for 3 days. The doc on board suggested if it had not improved by the 4th day he would send me to hospital at the next port!!! This is the 3rd consecutive cruise this has happened. I don't get it at all. I couldn't be more relaxed or happy😊. Any ideas?

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  • Ah yes, the travel episodes. AF in happy times can be just as problematic as bad stress AF. I've had episodes on cruises, in airports, on planes, and in several countries, but because my EP at home was always so reassuring that as long as I am on my anticoagulant, nothing bad is going to happen and it needn't disrupt my travel, that I just put up with it, and rested a bit more until it passed. For me it always seemed that adrenalin of happiness was one of the biggest triggers of all. I'm sure the ship's doc is no expert on AF.

  • Trouble is tho, I get a very high heart rate, dizziness, breathlessness and feeling faint. My gp said I should go to A and E at that point?!? Thanks for your reply tho. Does yours get that bad?

  • No, I don't feel faint, just have a really high (160) and irregular heartbeat. GP's don't always have the best advice, your EP should give you the guidelines that work best for you in your situation.

  • I have yet to see an EP, I think it's the next step😊

  • Thanks, hadn't thought of that😊

  • Hi Linda ... I know what Grandma means about ' the adrenalin of happiness ' being one of her biggest triggers! It often works like that for me. My last attack was the week following the birth of my first grandchild in March ( had to be cardioverted ) & prior to that on Boxing day .

    I also get very high heart rate & breathlessness but not faint. I have had alot of cruise holidays but have been fortunate in only going into AF once & that was about 40 hrs before reaching our home port. I sat it out in our cabin. I know that getting over tired is a trigger & also eating late at night.

    Actually I do think that many ship's doctors have quite a bit of experience with AF afflicted passengers . Many of those cruising are in the right age bracket for a start! I spoke to a ship's nurse recently & she said that obviously each case is different but that they would be taken ashore if it was necessary.

    So I think what it boils down to is ' get to know your triggers' & try to avoid them if at all possible. In your case Linda it is probably alot to do with good stress.

    Regards Sandra

  • I agree with the 'positive trigger'. I am aware of this one. I believe thoughts put you there and thoughts can bring you back. If I'm in that situation as an insurance policy I always balance the happiness very early on with recalling some 'black' thoughts of my life .......but not AF ones!!!

    Hope that works for you, very little downside anyway.

  • sorry to hear that, the opposite happened to me , AF free all cruise the day I dis embarked I started with AF

  • That also happened to me, ended up in A and E. Ho hum 😐

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