Flying to amsterdam

Well after two years I am going to chance a short flight from Southend to amsterdam. Just got my results back which shows ectopic beats not all the timebut certainly can feel them. So with the same meds but advised to take them a different times by the consultant i feel a short flight to get my confidence back is the first hop. I am lucky to be travelling with my cousin who is an a and e nurse from Chicago so some assurance that someone knows how to help. I totally understand peoples reluctance etc to fly or cruise and others that say dont let it rule your life. Question the flight is early 7.30 i usually take my med at 8.30 do i take the meds at usual time or take early. Just wondering what other people do? I will ring the nurses at BHF they are brilliant and very supportive. Many thanks chris

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  • Flying makes no difference to anything, take at your usual time, just adjust for the time difference and have fun, Amsterdam is a fun city - just watch out for the funny cakes! Happy flying CD.

  • Don't eat the ginger bread! Peace and love.

  • Haha!

  • If you know about ginger bread we must have similar pasts. lol

  • I need to know more, haha

  • Not just ginger. That was only in it to cover the smell of the hash.

  • Ahhh... good old Amsterdam!

  • Maybe, shall we just say I visited often in the 70's!

  • Take them at the usual time and adjust for any time difference if applicable. Good on yer for going and have an amazing time. Think you have made a good choice to break yourself in to flying again with a short flight. It will help build your confidence.

    Great you have your medic cousin with your for support.

  • Sounds perfect - have a great time!


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