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More AF episodes

Well the AF episodes seem to be more frequent - 3rd in last 17 days. Not particularly troublesome other than the usual thumping, breathlessness, peeing and fatigue and they rarely last more than 3-4 hours and HR not particularly high.

The worst thing is it makes my MG more symptomatic. I was trying to hold out from going back to EP until after June because we have cruise booked in mid June but if it keeps going at this rate I may have to.

So very fed up of constant clinical appointments.

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So sorry to hear this, CD. Isn't AF so tedious in the way it creeps in and takes hold and affects us in so many unwelcome ways.


That's tough CDreamer, hope things improve soon. I certainly know the 'fed up with clinical appointments' feeling at one point I was up to 3 a week with Cardiologist, Naturopath, Nutrionist and a heavy dental program. Looking back what got me through it was a combination of determination to become healthier as a result of AF, a holistic interest in wellbeing including medical conditions, perseverance, a day job I am passionate to continue and spiritual faith. Hope something there helps.

Keep going and enjoy that cruise when it comes!!


Love the Spiritual Faith part. We often forget the "Great Healer" of all time.

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Sorry to read this CD. I think the cruise will be good for you. Lots of rest and sea air! Where you to?


Not sure what MG is but I have an episode almost every day ...length of which varies...just thought this was the norm.


have you been properly assessed Rothwell?


Yes I am on a waiting list for an ablation but I had to really push to get to see an EP. I eventually saw him in February and he said that I would be put on the list but have heard nothing since so I am assuming that I now just wait. Thank you for asking. Maybe I should go to see my GP. I take Bisoprolol 2.5 mg but maybe I should be taking something to control the rhythm as well as I do have an episode most days when heart rate moves up and down 60-100 for a few hours (on my fitbit). This doesn't particularly incapacitate me but I am conscious of the change in heart rate starts with a thump!


It's good to hear you are in the system!

I would ring the consultant's secretary and ask where you are on the waiting list, saying that you are concerned that you are having episodes most days

I hope you are seen soon


Thanks very much Rosy. I'll give her a ring..have you had an ablation or do you take medication?


No I haven't needed an ablation but if I was having episodes nearly every day I would be doing exactly what you are doing I do hope all goes well for you


Sorry to hear this CD especially as you have MG to compound matters.

Hope you manage to get on your cruise. Can sympathise here as my AF came back with a vengeance before Easter and so had to cancel planned cruise on medical advice. Also , insurance company now want £1500 insurance for booked West Indies cruise in December , and it would go higher with any more episodes,so that's been halted. ..have lost hefty deposit.



sorry to hear this- hope things improve CD


I feel this for you too, but maybe its worth the trip to the EP to get a plan to control the episodes. They must exhaust you and not doing your MG symptoms any favours.

Im seeing EP tonight after my AF return last week, and need his opinion as I am booked to do transatlantic crossing on 7th June...8 days at sea!!! Following successful ablation last July the insurance company didn't add exclusions when I renewed in March...not so sure they will cover me now!!

Keep positive as best you can. X


So very sorry to read this, CD. AF is a cursed thing, especially if we have other conditions to contend with.

A lovely relaxing cruise might be just the thing to calm heart and soul - I hope things settle and send a big cyber hug. xx


I know just what you mean about being fed up with clinical appointments CD. What we all want is to go to them and then come away with a firm solution to being cured, but that rarely happens does it! I know that doctors do their best to help, but really no one has a clue yet as to why we get AF. Lots more research is needed on the prevention side and just why we get this hateful condition.

Can you still walk around feeling fairly well when you have your attacks? If so just go and enjoy your cruise as best you can. I've discovered, after 12 years of AF, that it never seems to start when I'm away from home. Makes me wonder if it's something in the water here!

Hope things go well for you.



It's so wearing having so much interaction with medics but as you say needs must. I hope things settle for you and your cruise in June gives you a health boost. Best wishes.


I feel for you CD, AF is bad enough on its own without your added troubles. Are you able to take a little extra of you MG Meds if feeling particularly wiped out, I know my husband does this. I hope you can get back on an even keel before your hollybobs. The rest will do you good.

Best wishes


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Thank you everyone for your very kind wishes.

Yes Brenda I do take more Pyridostigamine and I am not nearly as symptomatic before ablations so the episodes don't stress me too much, it was just my EP said not to wait too long before considering 3rd ablation as the sooner ablated then the better chance of success, as we know.

But I do feel as though every time I come up to breath something pushes me under again and I can get down - but not for long!

Trouble is that ablation is not going to be staightforward and I may need IVIG so recovery time will be longer so whilst AF is not too debilitating I just want to get on with living a bit.

I think I will try get hold of the Arrythmia nurse and send her my Kardia report and ask for advice.

Thank you all - love you guys. xx


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