5 weeks post ablation

Hi all ,its been five weeks now and I'm back to work has normal , still getting the migraine Ora , went to see my cardiologist this morning not seen him since April he asked if I'd had the ablation yet lol ,he thinks everything's normal at the mo ,I mentioned the odd run of slow to fast then missed beat pattern I was getting ,he's sent me to book a 72 hr monitor not sure when this will happen and if it'll catch anything in that time , he also told me not to obsess about checking my pulse only if I feel something's not rite ,he always puts me at rest with my worries well for a day or two lol ,hope everyone's well cheers Paul

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  • Best of luck, Paul, hope everything goes well for you.

  • Thank you ,time will tell now just got to let things heal and c what the future holds cheers Paul

  • Paul, I was just reading about different types of ablations , what type did you go for ,are you giving a choice Brian.

  • Hi Brian , I wasn't given the choice it was what they do at glenfield which is the rf ablation , which apparently they can do more once in there if needed , they did me a pulmonary vein isolation and a roof line too , I think with the cryo ballon there limited to what they can do with it , I don't think they could do the roof line with cryo if needed , I read that none of the procedures are any better than the other just depends on which one the hospital uses cheers Paul

  • Thanks , Paul.

  • Same here

  • Good luck Paul, all sounds good!


  • Thanks wendi

  • Hi Paul,

    Sounds like you are doing very well, hopefully in time you can get back to the running.

    Best Wishes


  • Thank you Barry , everything's crossed lol

  • Hi Paul, the migraine with aura lasted about a month with me post ablation, but it got less and less. Watch out for ectopic runs which I got a load of after 3 months or so. They seem to have eased off for the time being. (Fingers still crossed!) Am at 7 month point right now! Still nervous that it might all come back but have been pretty good since the PVI cryoablation

  • Hi mikey ,thank you , I hadn't had the Ora for a couple of weeks then it came back yesterday It didn't seem quite as bad as it was so maybe it's getting better , yes I will try and prepare myself for these ectopic when they hit ,are they just normal and not to worry about ? !cheers Paul

  • I was told to expect some bumps and grinds along the way!

  • I too am back to work 4 weeks post ablation, 1 very short AF episode, a few runs of ectopics but over all very happy with the way things are going.

  • Lets hope Things stay that way 😊😊

  • Paul

    Good luck you seem to be doing very well


  • Thank you Peter ,hope your well cheers Paul

  • Been up and down physically. Had trip to A&E 7 weeks ago. Settled down now. Heat has been really killing me. Unfortunately I am away when London meet is on. Thanks for asking.

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