Four Weeks Post ablation

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Now nearly 4 weeks since my procedure and still getting to grips with it all. First week off work did very little ,second week back to work and tried a bit of walking and swimming .(this was all still pretty hard breathlessness and raised heart rate - I am quite a good swimmer but lucky if I can now do 50m front crawl without having to stop . Heart still over 80 at rest (I am usually under 60 ) This week has been really hard .Ok in the mornings at work but midway through the afternoon my energy levels just drop like going off a cliff . Its a bit disappointing but I guess this is what happens. Like some of the others on here you hear stories of people getting back to doing the normal things fairly quickly but in reality I think I am still a long way off. Anyway I am getting more used to my heart now ruling my head rather than the other way around! One good thing is I do sleep like a log.

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  • If you are already back to work I am not surprised you are like that. Far too early despite what any doctors may tell you. They haven't had ablations! Please don't over do things and undo all the good work. A little gentle walk should be quite enough exercise for now. Raised heart rate post ablation is normal and may take up to nine months to,return to pre condition state.

  • Thanks Bob its good to hear your advice I will try to keep up the go slow for a few weeks .

  • I echo what has already been said. I expected to be back doing all my normal activities a few days after my ablation. How wrong I was! It certainly took me at least 3 months to feel ok again and even longer to feel fully " recovered". I got tired very quickly, couldn't climb stairs for toffee, and had an elevated heart rate, and a few other unpleasant side effects. I don't think we are always given the right advice on this when you have the procedure and it's easy to convince yourself something is wrong. It is quite normal and you definitely shouldn't rush anything. The heart has been "attacked" and it's just trying to tell you that it needs time to recover!

  • I've had 2 ablations now and the advice each time from the hospital was ', you'll be fine to return to work after a week'. How wrong they were. I old the nurse this who was discharging me after my 2nd ablation. She was a little put out as I politely told her that I'd been through this once and I know I won't be ready for anything, never mind work after only 1 week, and if she'd had an ablation she'd know! She just replied that everyone was different. Haha. And just see how you go.

    I'm now 10 week post 2nd ablation, feeling good!

  • I'm 7 days post ablation and have done hardly nothing I took a walk today down my local shop 3/4 mile there and back, I'm now sat at home with the paper and a cup of tea , I was a bit clammy and breathlessness but now settled down.

    I have a sick note for three weeks from my gp and plan to use it although I may feel better before .

  • Different strokes for different folks (no pun intended) but my advice post-ablation is take it very, very easy. I certainly wouldn't be doing the crawl; light walking and no lifting of anything other than your tea cup. The recovery time, in my case, and from what I've seen in this forum, is a lot longer than anyone could anticipate going into the ablation scenario. That said, it' your thing.

  • Wow thanks everybody great reassuring advice.I realise my expectations were obviously too high but I will now readdress this.

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