5 weeks post ablation and counting

So far my cryo-ablation seems to have been a rip roaring success, not a flutter in sight.

Does anyone know how long it will be before I can come off the Bisoprolol and the Warfarin? There doesn't seem much point me being on them anymore as I am now like "normal" people!!! I accept I may go back into AF at any stage, but at the moment all seems to be hunky dory.

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  • Be guided by your consultant on the drugs but also be very careful about stopping warfarin unless you really do have a Chadsvasc score of 0. I commented here recently that my understanding from some experts is that the risk does not vanish even if your ablation has been successful. It has been said many times, that you can always stop taking warfarin but you can't undo a stroke.


  • Hi Hel,It takes 3 to 4 months for everything to settle down.After my 6 month check I was signed off by my EP as everything was good so I made an appointment to see my GP and he slowly wheened me off bisoprolol over 6 weeks.I,ve now been off them for 2 months and feeling fine but do not try to rush things ,I hate taking medication ,so slowly does it and you should be ok.

  • I was told minimum of 12 weeks/3 months on the warfarin post op and the bisoprolol. This will be looked at then, and I'll go along with what they say.

  • Just came off Amiodarone WHOOPEE, 3 weeks post ablation with consultants agreement but firmly told to stay on Walfverin to my review 3 months post ablation. I went through the Arythmia Nurse at Bart's who got back to me the same day after talking to the consultant.

  • I would have thought you would have been told after your ablation? I'm off Flecanide in a month and anticoags 2 months after the second ablation up to now..CHADSVASC 1-2

  • I have been told I will be on anticoagulation for life no matter what the outcome of my ablation(s) success wise. I am more than happy to comply better risk a bleed than a stroke in my book. However that is just my thoughts but my EP is very firm about it.


  • I was told 3-6 months depending on my check up

  • I have a chads/chadsvasc score of zero and my EP kept me on anticoagulated even after 8 years. I assume it's forever? But after that successful ablation I stopped my rhythm control drugs till I started having another problem last year.

    The whole point of the ablation was to get off the drugs (except anti-coags) and it worked !!!!


  • The whole point of an ablation is to eliminate or reduce episodes of AF. After 3 ablations, the last in August last year, I have been free of AF all this time. I still take Bisoprolol and Warfarin, and my EP has not indicated any change. There must be a good reason for still being on them. Maybe my age, 71?

  • My orders were, anti-coags for three months and I slowly started reducing the flecainide and metoprolol after 4 weeks. All with the doctors approval. We both believe that the Flecainide (in the past) stop the major episodes but in the long run were becoming pro-arryhthmic. We all respond differently - be sure to work it out with your EP! GREAT NEWS for your successful outcome.

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