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Atrial flutter?

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Hi so it has been a while so I thought I would fill you all in!! Had an episode back in July of what they think was atrial flutter, I had a 7 day Holter on s couple of weeks ago which I’m still waiting for the results. I have my echo on the 22nd of this month. I’ve not had many episodes since except last night I woke up and I was having an ectopic beat followed by fast beats and so on which lasted just for a few seconds so I don’t know if this was svt or atrial flutter? The last couple of weeks I have been having way more ectopic beats but I have been very stressed so this could be a reason? I’m still quite panicky about it as nothing has been confirmed yet x

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Hi Lotty, I'm sorry you have had no replies so far. What you describe is the sort of thing that alarms those whose hearts have just started to misbehave and would not bother those of us who have more experience. It's perhaps been an electrical quirk and was short lived so make a note and don't worry too much about it.

Your echo will show how your heart is responding to any abnormal activity.

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Thank you so much for replying xx

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It can take a while for any enlargement to become evident. The thing is, if there's not much abnormal activity, the enlargement can diminish and our hearts can return to normal size.

It's confusing reading all the terminology where the definitions have also changed over time, but I believe that flutter is a type of svt, though certainly not the only one.

I think I've had different kinds of flutter on different occasions. For example, persistent definite fast flutter which is continuous has f-shaped waves on an ECG and replaces the normal rhythm. short periods (hour or 2) of regular ectopics like one extra beat every 2, and 'simple' tachycardia with a normal looking rhythm which first pinned at 180, then plummeted to 90 for about an hour with no exertion then plummeted back to my normal 60. So I guess what I'm saying is that there are a lot of different rhythms and only an expert can really diagnose the finer details.

I think stress is a factor as I seem to have more thumps when thinking about the condition and in some acute stressful situations like a job interview. So if you can, I think it's best to try and stop thinking about it for now and wait for the expert opinion. Atrial arrhythmias are almost never life threatening and can be very treatable (disclaimer, I am not in the medical field)

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Thank you that has helped me relax a little bit x

I have been getting loads more ectopic beats the last couple of weeks but work has been very stressful so I think that is the cause of that possibly x

Hi lotty, when I had my 24 holster done the cardio sajd to me I have little ten second episodes........which I wasn’t exactky aware of in the night. Then I did notice occasionally myselfthese “ quickies”. Few fast beats, miss beat etc....

I understood from that he meant they were afib moments......but nothing to worry about......


Things would be so much better if we could get all the tests and diagnosis more quickly,but in NHS with tight budgets thats not going to happen.However i am so grateful to live in our country where we all get looked afterwith our health whatever our income.

Hope you get sorted soon,and a Merry Christmas to all.

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