AF 32 hours

Hi wondering for any advice out there been in AF for 32 hours only normally last about 20 hours . Been going into AF about every 9 days but since I have been taking magnesium I have gone for a month with no AF could not believe my luck but have now gone into it for so much longer and still going. I did have a stomach upset day before think taking to much magnesium and drinking coconut water, does anyone think it could be anything to do with it and any ideas to stop it?


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  • Could well be vagal from the stomach upset. Too much of that stuff can do it which is why I always suggest caution before taking supplements. What drugs are you taking for your AF?


  • I am taking rivaboxban, 5mg bisoprol, 2 mg candesartan ( blood pressure) even though I have low blood pressure, apparently good for heart., 40 mg simvastatin and 20 mg omeprazole.

  • I see from your first post that you will have to wait 6 months before you will have an ablation. I think that you need to see your GP, Cardiologist or EP as soon as possible as you need help in the short term. Something like Flecainide as a pill in the pocket may prove effective.

    If I were you I would volunteer to fill any cancellation gap in the ablation waiting list.

    Meantime hold off the magnesium which definitely affects digestion.

  • Will do but going on holiday for 2 weeks end of August seemed a good idea at time since I had a stroke in January but now a bit worried about going away. My consultant said I can't take flecinade as I have mild heart diease

  • do you take an anticoagulant?

  • Yes on rivaboxban

  • Rob... What is your heart rate at the moment?

  • It has stopped now thank god even though in AF for along time highest it went to was 95 keep checking as have an alivecor

  • That's good Rob. I wouldn't over worry with a heart rate of 95 Would you have known if you didn't use your Alivecore?.

  • No I. wouldn't have known only had alivecor since Feb.

  • Agree with Bob could be due to stomach upset, let it settle down , but I was always told more than 2 hours then go to A/E. So depends how unwell you are feeling

  • My consultant said not to do anything some people are always in AF mind you he said I didn't need blood thinners and I had a stroke

  • More than two hours in AF and you go to A&E???


  • I've been told the same by the cardiologist.

    But when you do go, the staff are not interested and just push you into a cubicle at best or tell you to wait in the seating area.

    I've decided I'm not going to go to A&E anymore unless I start to feel really ill, though I do feel scared in the early hours of the morning being on my own and being in AF.

  • Robert some people are very symptomatic and it's wise for them to go to a and E as they may have symptoms which need to be terminated quickly - e g very high pulse rate or blood pressure

  • They like to wind up A and E staff I think and then the poor patient gets treated like dirt and feels worse that before. If you already have a diagnosis it seems pointless but if still trying to get proper diagnosis it could be useful. Big bone of contention that call.

  • I am always very cautious with supplements and start on half the dose my Naturopath recommends and build it up recording my gut etc in a daily diary. My Mg has been increased recently so at first I am taking it after food (may not be all absorbed) and then possibly without food or will consider the oil you rub on (Ancient Minerals Ultra Magnesium Oil).

    Hope that helps.

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