important job interview in 2 hours time just into AF!

I have important job interview with a PowerPoint presentation in 2 hours time and have just gone into AF. Don't you just hate it, so fed up with it ruling my life. Since changing from Flecainide to Propafenone in May, the benefit was temporary and now having episodes almost every other day and on Saturday had 4 over 24 hours period! So hoping that this episode will be over within 2 hours, but I'm not going to be at by best for interview even it does stop. I'm on the list for ablation, have been since May, should be my time soon!!!! Fed up.

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  • So sorry to hear this. I really feel for you. Just think that soon you will be doing something positive to sort the pesky thing out so try and kick it's butt and show it you can do this interview with or without it. Good luck.x

  • Isn't that typical, just when you need to be calm! This condition is a pain in the b*** at times, I do sympathise. No good saying stay calm, it never seems to work like that.

    Hope the AF stops very soon and the interview and your presentation go really well and you get the job.

    Best wishes and a big virtual hug.

  • If that were me, it would be because I was preparing for the presentation but once I got started I'd be OK. Fingers crossed for you :-)

  • Wendy - hope the presentation went well. Good luck!


  • Thank you for your kinds words. My AF episode stopped half an hour before the interview - phew!!! I felt nervous , the adrenalin kicked in ( often an AF trigger for me) but I was ok. I felt the interview went really well, will find out by tomorrow.

  • I was on propafenone for a short time and diltiazem as well. These made my AF worse so I decided to stop them and concentrated on perceived triggers and supplements. It takes some time for the drugs to leave your system and some time for the supplements to have an impact. For me, it seems specific types of magnesium and vitamin D have helped pretty much eliminate AF at least for now. Other supplements may be helping as well. It is very difficult to accurately determine what triggers or stops AF whether it be drugs or nutrients that we get from supplements, food or even vitamin D from the sun. If solutions without drugs can help, I think it is very difficult to determine this while taking drugs. But this is a wild guess so only food for thought. The "More on Magnesium" post that I made about 22 days ago might be helpful.

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