Had AF for 30 hours now (18 days post ablation)

I had an ablation 18 days ago. Before it I had AF most days for several hours a day. Since ablation I have been pretty much the same, but now I'm 30 hours into a long session, longer than usual.

So what should I do?

Thinking I will wait til Monday morning then phone the 'Heart Nurses' to see what they say, but by then I will have been almost 3 days with AF.

Really not sure what to do.

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  • Why don't you ring sooner Andy? I know it is normal for some months after ablation but it may stop sooner if you have re-assurance from the nurses?

  • It has gone in the night thankfully!

    Rosy I was going to wait until monday morning as heart nurses are only available mon -fri.

    I know it is early days since ablation but I was hoping for more of an immediate improvement.

    I had 5 whole days after waking up from GA with no AF at all, which is the longest period in the last year, so was initially very optimistic. But now I am back to several hours AF per day its a bit disheartening..

  • Andy it may not have been AF , possible atrial tachycardia. I had that after my ablations and needed cardioversion to revert. Don't worry too much as it takes at least three months for the heart to settle down after ablation but talk to your Arrhythmia nurse anyway. She can advise you what to do next time something odd happens.


  • Hi Andy - When you say you were back in AF do you mean constant irregular pulse, or is your pulse racing?

  • Constant irregular pulse.

  • Is that what you went in have cured or do you get episodes when your pulse races?

  • I had ablation to fix atrial fibrillation not racing pulse. Still same symptpms at mo but early days I guess.

  • I would agree with everyone on here and say go

  • Sorry that's not what I meant to send. I would ring your nurse in the morning.

  • Hi Andy,

    I am at day 17 post ablation and in the last 3 days there have been significant changes. From previous post - ablation post I was expecting this as many people said that the scarring is reaching a new stage at about 3 weeks so I am sure all we are feeling is normal. There were also warnings that we could experience AF attacks worse than we were used to but this again is normal.

    I have a PR of 90-100 quite often and have to take pain killers for discomfort in my back but this was all included in the long list I made of all possible reactions. So I am not worrying yet. And actually feel great most of the time, it is just a waiting game.

    Best Wishes

  • I am 5 days post ablation and I too am getting bouts of irregular fast (around 100bpm) heartbeats. I was expecting this so not giving up hope of success but must recognise that this is possible. Yours was a long one.

    I hope they ease up and good luck going forward. Marie

  • Glad it's stopped Andy- hope you get some answers tomorrow. Best wishes

  • Andy, was your afib diagnosed as paroxial or persistent? From what I have read, the chances of long term recovery are much higher in the former. I have had the persistant afib for almost 2 years and 5 cardio versions, had the big ablation 4 days ago, am now taking Sotalol and so far so good, but groin area is killing me. Hoping the long term outcome is afib cure, but have my doubts. Have so far experienced no rapid heart beat episodes. Resting pulse around 60-65. Good luck!

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