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AF with Exercise

I would love some feed back fellow AF people.

I upped my exercise program on the treadmill last week walking for half an hour much faster every

Morning I've gone into AF every day since. It was for 9 days. Stopped Walking. AF Comes on going to sleep lasting for around 3 hours. Then when I get up in the morning I have it. When I walked a little slower I never had a problem It's really annoying as I'm passionate about exercise. & it's very frustrating.

Help needed please.

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Life after AF is never the same. The secret is to adapt to the new you not hanker after one that may never come back. I'd love to be 35 again but that isn't going to happen either. I'm still happy though.



Bob what did you do to be free of AF for 7 years. That's amazing. That's fantastic.

I take people in the Ambulance I'm an ambo.

Have great advise for others but when it comes to myself all logic goes out the window.ost health workers are similar.

Rob xx


Had three ablations Simples!


Hi Robyn

Listen to your body, you upped your exercise and it's triggered AF. No matter how much you like exercising it can't be worth that surely.

Be well


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Thanks Ian. I know exactly what your saying. Your all right with your advice just need to get my head around it.

33 years ago I had a huge op on my hip which took six months to get over. Was told if I didn't keep my weight down I would end up having a hip replacement. I have avoided this so far with exercise 7 days a week. Now I'm thinking its up to me with food intake. All about input & output & now that's my only option left. I sit at 55.5 kg & have read about people who have put on stones with the Medication with AF That's not an option for me. So need to be diligent now with food & life style.

There's always a hiccup around the corner to test you.

Thanks Ian. Rob x


One thing I really missed during the 18 months getting used to the AF, the meds and the ablation stuff was not being able to hike/camp/go into the middle of nowhere. I also missed 12.5 hour shifts on my feet.

Whilst the shifts are back to normal, I've never quite reached what I consider to be previous levels of fitness/stamina/activity. I go out once a month and walk 10-20 miles in one sitting, but I have to make sure I have nothing planned the day after (if I do we make it 5-8 miles) to recover. This is as much because of my fatigue and lack of general fitness following my "time off" than it is to do with managing my knee arthritis these days.


Thankyou for your advice I will be positive with my life style & food. We're still alive so that's a bonus.

Rob xx


That the same for me, I love martial arts, but it's adrenal which is a trigger for me. 3 weeks post ablation on Monday and starting some very light exercise. I've lost strength and muscle tone in my shoulders from not boxing for 2 years


It's rather frustrating I know what your saving. It takes a long tone & effort to stay fi & on top.

There's other people who don't exercise & can't be bothered. Annoying as all I want to do is exercise. Maybe I will just try strolling along that might work. Don't go flat out as I usually do.

Thanks for the help.

Rob xx

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Thankyou everyone for replying with your thoughts to my Post. It's been 2 years now since being diagnosed

& still I find it hard to comprehend taking drugs & the life style I once had. Usually I'm very positive but there are days when you think ??????

My Father had AF & I have two Brothers with it.

So it's probably inevitable that I was going to get it.

Cheers. Rob xx


Its not fair, ive been weightlifting, cycling for 35 years 5 days a week, and work hard 6 days a week, and got A F, think ive had it at least 10 years with out knowing,.

Had cardiovertion but only worked for 2 hours, as my left ventrical is slighty enlarged.

It was only picked up when had E C G. on 10 mg bisop, 10 mg ramapril 6 m g warfarin. Still cycle but dont push my self, im 58, not feeling to bad


Yes I know what your saying Higgy. You must feel like your throat has been cut. Glad your back cycling. Im back walking started Again yesterday but at a much slower pace. Did not have a problem & all good this morning as well. It vet certinely makes you rethink your change of life style. All good at least we're still alive.

Keep in touch.

Thanks for the feed back. This is a great site. Have learnt lots reading about people with the same problems.

Rob xx


Thanks Roby, any idea what started your A F, Not sure with i was just unlucky or stress, or pushing body to hard as you get older with a touch of high blood pressure,

Cheers Higgy


Hi Robyncarmen,

I agree with BobD - life's never the same after an AF diagnosis. If your current exercise regime is triggering your AF I'm afraid you might need to scale it down a fraction until you find a level comfortable for you. I love my half an hour daily walk incorporating two hills - all at moderate pace nothing outstanding but, during an AF episode I can't imagine even walking to the front door. Enjoy your exercise (I should think being an ambo would be enough exercise for anyone!) Keep up the good work and all the best to you.




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