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Pacemaker with AV Node Ablation


I was diagnosed with A F and had Ablation 2 years ago witch lasted 8 hours and according to my consultant was extremly difficult. It took several weeks before I could lead a normal life My ablation was partial successful And now only have AF every 6 weeks or so I take 25 Atenolol Ezetrol 10mg and Asprin,

I use Propafenone 150 mg as pill in the pocket and normal take 3 tablets over 18 hours before AF subsides reasently my attacks are becoming more frequent so my life is difficult to book or plan things in advance.

My Cardiologist has suggested the next step would be a pace maker with AV Node Ablation this seems rather drastic.

At a Beat it meeting recently the consultant suggest I had a second opinian from an Electrician his words.

My appointment is August 12 with my consultant in Nottingham

I hope this make sense from a 71 year who loves life .

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I am in potentially the same position as you if my AF gets worse.

I have joked that I have become very fond of my AV node now that I know that I've got one. The thought of having it ablated and becoming 100% dependent on a pacemaker is daunting. I have read recently that it isn't completely destroyed so that it can still cope short term were the pacemaker to fail.

I have been much heartened by reports of others on this forum who have new leases of life once their pacemakers are fitted.

Please let us know how you progress.

Very best wishes.

JK80 in reply to jennydog

Thank you for your message will keep in touch


I love life as well and for that reason would urge you to speak to your doctors about proper anticoagulation. Aspirin is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard at stopping strokes in AF .

I would agree that you maybe need to have a detailed discussion with your EP.


JK80 in reply to BobD

Thank you for your helpful message I agree completely about Asprin so will be discussing this on the 12th With regard to my EP the only person I have seen is my consultant who is very well thought off and lectures all over the world on AF

The EP I was recommend too was at a different hospital by a consultant at The Beat it meeting

Kind regards

BobDVolunteer in reply to JK80

If this guy is the one who did your ablation then he is an EP. Names would help. Second opinions can be helpful or they can confuse I think depending on which answer you are looking for.

JK80 in reply to BobD

Hi Bob, I am under Dr AJ Ashan at The City Hospital in Nottingham the EP I was recommend to see was Peter Stafford at Glen Field Hospital Leicester

It was the consultant who gave the lecture at Beat it at Grantham that suggested I should take a second opinion if I was concern AV node ablation was my only alternative

Thanks for help Jenny

Had a pacemaker fitted a week and a half ago but didn't require the AV Node ablation. There is a natural pacemaker in The Bundle of His, the connections between the AV node and the ventricles, that will keep your heart beating although at a very slow rate. At least it buys you some time if the pacemaker should go faulty. The modern pacemakers are very reliable and the battery in them should last between 6 and 10 years and give plenty of warning when they are getting near replacement time. It is also one reason to have the yearly checks on them.

Having had sever TIA's, pre warfarin therapy, I would echo Bob's comments about getting proper anticoagulation and seeing "the electrician", EP.


JK80 in reply to farmerwalt

Thank you that's most helpful Jenny


Think you certainly need to be on warfarin or something ,My quality of life was becoming worse at 48 after three unsuccessful ablations. I had a pacemaker fitted last year was still no better and went on to have an AV node ablation in March gone ,I do not take anti arrhythmic medication anymore and I have my life back, I do however take blood thinners and medication to help blood circulate better but small price to pay.

Hope that helps,


JK80 in reply to wendicarro

So helpful thank you,lovely to hear you are feeling well and have your back


I have had a bi-ventricular pacemaker fitted in April and due to see my EP in late November after another episode of AF . It was very good to read your positive comments on the outcome.

It is life after AV node ablation that concerns me as normally I am OK only when I AF I always end up in A&E. I don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire

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