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hi all

Had my ep appointment on Friday prof schilling called to an emergency so saw registrar after discussing various options he suggested an av node ablation unless when he speaks with prof prof decides he has a burning desire to try another ablation I'm scared it seems so final have other people had pace and ablate done and if so how are they doing


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  • I personally haven't but can assure you that I have seen have been quite a few posts about pace and ablate by people who have had one and done well or have included it in a thread.

    Just wanted to say as many who find a solution tend to leave the forum and I wanted to answer you.

    Read as much as you can about it and note down all your concerns and questions before you decide.

    Best wishes CD.

  • Thanks

  • Hi,

    I had a pace and ablate last year, apart from medication to help blood flow easier I no longer need arrhythmia medication ,I am still aware of AF episodes but no longer have the awful side effects and visits to casualty.

    I returned to work after a long spell off and feel normal again. I do however understand that this is not the case for everyone but I have had a remarkable recovery.

    Good luck.



  • Thank you it's nice to know


  • So good to read this, as it looks as though I am heading in the same direction and am very apprehensive.

  • After two RF Ablations and one Cardioversion as well as failing all the meds I had my AV Node Ablated last Thursday. I can now breathe properly again and feel that I have more energy. I've had my Pacemaker in since 2012 so it was no problem for it to take over. It has been set to 90bpm and in four weeks will be set at 60bpm.

    I think it's good to acknowledge where you've come from on this journey however look at the positives of the future and how it's going to make life easier.


  • Thank you Barry so nice to hear of your success chris

  • Compared to RF Ablations an AV node ablation is a piece of cake.......only took 45 mins instead of hours.

    Also no more antiarythmic drugs to put up with.


  • That sounds good to me 😊😍

  • Hi Chris,

    I had the AV node ablation on Friday last week after having my pacemaker fitted 6 weeks ago ( and the first ablation cancelled due to time restraints 4 weeks after). I have been absolutely fine over the weekend. I had no pain either during or after the procedure (and actually told the ep that I'd have more painful 'poohs')! My Digoxin and Amiodarone were stopped the same day (which I was glad of the Amiodarone stopping). I am on all other same drugs but I don't take any 'blood thinners' due to having a stroke which was a bleed in January of this year and the stroke doctors and cardiologist can't decide which way is the best to go.

    I hope your procedure goes as well as mine and that you feel loads better afterwards! Please let me know.


  • Hi Sharon thank you for replying so pleased to hear such positive posts I'll post on here when I have mine done chris

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