Getting there Post AF Ablation ...10 weeks

Hi everyone....well report in to you all.....I am progressing along slowly, the AF seems to be diminishing ,I still have the pesky cough but the palpitations are daunting when the gastroparesis plays up so I never know which is causing what for a while ... all part of the post AF ablation procedure because my body has reacted badly. But I am finely able to walk around without feeling totally exhausted and miserable and the bed is getting a little less of a comfort zone for me ....the change in diet to following Jackson's Gastroparesis suggested die...t which can be found on the internet has worked fairly well with a few tweaks for me....I haven't been able to progress to bread so remain happy on dry biscuits and diluted apple juice or clear broth for breaky and lunch with some allowed stewed fruit and diet jelly and allowed veg for dinner pureed chicken or mince for meat along with allowed cooked fruit and jelly with a small helping of yoghurt for supper must finish eating at 7.30 so 2 hours before bed to assist with stomach draining....its a bit daunting....also drink lots of water between meals...and need metoclopramide for nausea and paracetamol for pain still...along with my other meds ...still on verapamil and my GP put me back on Rivaroxaban because she believes my CHAD score is still putting me at risk...of stroke....

So I am happier with the progress and finally less anxious about it all....I must admit I never thought I would end up with any of this and being my own control freak I was fighting the whole episode which only made things much worse with anxiety episodes...

Thanks for everyone's support again, I can't thank you enough and wonderful messages...I send my well wishes to you all and will keep in touch still early days...

Regards and god Bless Jo

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  • Oh my Jo, what a long haul. I so hope things start improving rapidly for you now and you are over the worst. Hoping you will have an AF free 2015--- you are very courageous!

  • Thanks Iris yes its a haul alright and am looking forward to new year and hoping it will all settle down xx Jo

  • You are doing well Jo- it must be hard to follow all these guidelines- it's good to hear you have a GP who knows when to anti-coagulate- keeping you safe- I hope you carry on improving, do let us know how you get on,

    very best wishes,


  • Thanks Rosy I find food uninteresting now as the gastroparesis seems to destroy the appetite which is sometimes difficult because I don't want to eat and need to force myself. Yes I am happy the GP put me back on the anti-coags...less stress is what I need at the moment...

    thanks for your support

    best wishes to you


  • So pleased to hear that you are progressing healthwise Jo. I too live on my own so know how scary it can be when the heart plays up. Yes. please keep in touch and let us know how you are.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jean sorry I have written my words a bit clumsy....I am a control freak to myself not on my own although at times it feels that way....Hubby is around and helps me.... but he can't control my thoughts just the house.....grateful he is here though....helps lots with everything....will definitely keep in touch

    Thanks Jean xx


  • What a lot to contend with! But it sounds as if you it is 'so far so good' and slow and steady progress is just what you want, so well done.

    Best wishes and keep posting.

  • Good luck with everything. Just coping with the diet is amazing so you are doing wonderful. We are all with you.

  • Hi Moonstone Thankyou....yes the diet is challenging me everyday as I have no appetite now and wonder where this is all going as I have no answers as yet...... if it will actually go away or I'm stuck with the gastroparesis forever....but that's ok as I am alive and..... yes coping....

    Its good to know I have far away friends to chat with and moan too when necessary thankyou and best wishes


  • Go Girl!

  • Thanks Bob your a great help in times of concern and need

  • So sorry you have so many problems and I do hope that your progress

    continues to improve, fingers crossed Shirley.

  • Hi Shirley I hope so too....mornings are a challenge and then I seem to be thawing out for the day ...3 fair/good days in a row now even with the palpitations and diet is doing the trick but appetite isn't there anyway....thanks for the crossed fingers I appreciate your sentiment.

    best wishes to you


  • Hi Jo, what a tough time you have been having but glad things are not as bad as they were. Must be really frustrating when you can't even comfort eat! Just remember the saying 'slowly slowly catchy monkey' and you will get there eventually, hope it's not too long.


  • Hi Brenda , you will not understand this as comfort food I don't think.... but light savoy biscuits dry nothing on them have become my only comfort food that I will have 1 or 2 ... as they don't upset my stomach....but its usually with a 1/4 cup of apple juice and warm water....bit like cordial I suppose.... as for anything fatty like chocolate which I loved a little while ago I am totally off it and can't even look at it....very strange.... . I like your slowly slowly .....and am trying to stay positive....hard with nausea every morning but I am seeing the GP once a week at the moment and she is supportive ....

    Best wishes and thankyou


  • Very best wishes to you....hope you go on getting better and the coming months get easier. Patricia.

  • Hi Patricia me too thanks for your best wishes.... this site is a godsend and I so appreciate everyone's help and good wishes and support .



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