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stable INR whilst on holiday

Hi Everyone.

I am going away for five days, the first time since starting Warfarin.

I shall be eating in restaurants so will not be able to keep to my normal diet. How has anyone handled this? I do have a coagucheck which I shall take with me but if I get an out of range reading what will I be able to do? Not many meals these days contain green vegetables .I can not eat RAW Brussels or broccoli so my only thoughts are a quick lettuce sandwich!!! Can anyone suggest any food that would be convenient to have to hand that does not need cooking.


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Enjoy and don't worry. Five days is nothing.



Spinach works if INR too high but you can take too much and go t he other way!!


I would say the same as Bob .Just eat normally for 5 days , don't binge but enjoy yourself! Sandra


Relax and enjoy yourself, I assume you are not going to Outer Mongolia, so the food will just be a variation on a theme - have a wonderful time!


I have been on Warfarin for 7 years,after up and down levels of INR's I am now going to the clinic once every 6/8 weeks for checks,on a low dose 2mg. I have found over the years I eat greens in very small amounts, no problems. The only no no's are grapefruit and cranberry. Be confident , takes some time for your body accepts Warfarin, but don't waste every day, constantly thinking about Warfrin it's there for a very important reason.just relax and enjoy your life.....


If you normally eat a lot of raw veg (which you imply) you can get ready to eat salad in most supermarkets. If you need to adjust your warfarin, just drop 1mg if it's too high and add 1mg if it's too low then test again the next day.

Longer term if you're going away again you could take a regular Vit K or K2 tablet, as I do, which does away with dietary restrictions and stabilises your INR. But it can take a while to settle down and find your optimal dose so I wouldn't suggest it for this time.

However it's only 5 days so I wouldn't worry too much about it, just have a good time and it'll give you the confidence to go again for longer.


My INR nurse (for want of a shorter name) said don't worry it will be fine. I don't have a coaguchek and it was fine!! We have been away for two weeks and all has been cool. Enjoy



A neighbour of mine is given lists of clinics (Spain and Spanish Islands) to have his INR checked at when he is away.


With the forum's help during my warfarin career, I learnt to be more relaxed about food and INR and I think I'd leave my coagucheck at home if I had one and went on 5 days' holiday and I'd eat and be merry.

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Have a great holiday, relax and enjoy.....


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