AF consultant in cardiff area - recommendations please

I am plannng on taking my mother for a consultation at the Spire Hospital and looked on the AF website for reccomendations of which i find 2, but on the Spire page there appear to be others described as electrophysiologists who may be more appropriate?

Any recomendations please?

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  • I was treated (Ablation) by Dr peter O'Callaghan and his team at the heath in Cardiff....No complaints at all I was given first class treatment by a very kind and caring team.

  • I too had fab treatment from this team both privately for a consultation and tests and later on the N.H. S. For an ablation. X

  • I have also heard that Dr fong leong is very good and pleasant too. X

  • definitely go with an EP.

  • Dr P'OC recommended above is described as a "heart rhythm specialist" - does that sound like an EP?

  • Dr O'Callaghan's an EP and great! He'll probably want to do an ECG when you're there if you don't already have one - if your mum has an episode of AF and has an ECG done before your appointment, make sure she asks for a copy as she's entitled to.

    I saw Dr O'Callaghan privately a couple of times and then when an ablation became the option, he was quite happy to switch me to his NHS list.


  • I saw Dr Fong Leong at UHW who is an EP. This was an NHS appointment and I was referred by my cardiologist.

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