My AF story in Woman and Home Magazine!!

My AF journey is featured in an article in March edition of Woman and Home magazine out today. It is called 'heartbeat diary' and follows my journey that started in 2004, and here I am three ablations later! It was written in conjunction with my EP, Spire hospital in Leeds, and a health editor and involved me going to London for a photoshoot! I hope it helps people who are just starting their AF journey and details some research on the horizon. I am available for autographs!!!!

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  • Hi! I bought the magazine yesterday . I recall your posts here so very interested to know it was you ! Really good account which I'm sure will be of interest to many.

    May you stay AF free!


  • Thanks...I have been following you too!!! A rocky road for us all, but on we go!!

  • I've found that W & H always has well researched health articles. Particularly interesting to read what is on the horizon with AF.

    Lovely photo of you as well Ann!!


  • I went from being treated for stress for two years to accidental finding of AF in late 2010 to failed cardiversion aborted ablation due to anomaly in heart to nothing on echo to TOE finding tumours in my heart resulting in open heart surgery and surgical ablation late 2013 followed by lots of arrythmias and pacemaker late 2014. Op was videoed I believe as tumours v rare. Here I am pills and pacemaker 62 and gym 5/6 times a week 😊😊😊

  • Gosh, what a journey you have been on!! Great that you are keeping so fit now and long may it continue!

  • Indeed still have things going on with tucker but don't let them worry me now. In the beginning we all are scared but knowledge is power I think.

  • Ticker not tucker ha ha

  • I must buy this mag. Is it a monthly one and is it this months please ?

  • It is a monthly magazine, the feature is in the March edition which is in newsagents and supermarkets today!! This friendly forum gets a mention!!

  • Thanks I will buy it.

  • Dear Ann,

    I will get a copy today and look forward to reading about your journey.

    Kind Regards


  • Will get a copy today, thanks for letting us know.


  • You should receive commission for the increased sales Frenchgoose! I'll be buying it as well. Thanks for sharing your story

  • Dear Ann,

    I have just read your story of AF in the womanandhome magazine. I would like to know if l could send a private post to you?

    Kind Regards


  • Hi, yes I am happy to receive a private post!!

  • Great to see AF getting some publicity. Will definitely buy the mag tomorrow and well done for sharing your story. Patricia.

  • Hi, I looked at the magazine yesterday, thought the article was very good, much better than a newspaper famed for its medical drama stories 😀

  • Just bought the magazine today. It's a very good article and is very readable with a lovely photo of you. If just one person thinks 'hey, that's how I feel' then it has done its job.

    If only the article could be spread to other publications nationwide . . .

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