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Hi. I wondered if anyone has feedback, good or bad, regarding spire st Anthony in Surrey regarding ablation.

I am on Barts waiting list but contactedt today and was asked my consent to also be on spire st Andrews private list to help with waiting times. It's even further for me to travel but does mean not negotiate ing central London.

Would welcome opinions

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  • Interesting as I am ion waiting list at Barts (and haven't had a call yet!!).

  • I went on the list in June. I am also probably regarded as low risk as youngish fit and healthy otherwise

  • Fly to Morristown NJ to Gagnon Cardivascular Institute (about 20 miles outside of NYC). EP is Dr Jonathan Sussman.

  • We are from UK!! Bit too far to travel

  • If you go on their private list surely you will have to pay? Since you would most likely be looking at a total of £15 to £20k including hotel costs of the hospital I would be a bit careful what you agree to. Remember also that you will need collection as you will not be allowed out on your own on public transport usually nor allowed to drive.

  • I am definitely a nhs patient on the list it's just a Que jumping thing to ensure they are providing the service within the waiting times allocated. As I live in Lowestoft east Anglia ( near great yarmouth) distance is uch of a muchness. If anything spire st Anthony is easier as its not central London, it's just off m25 in Surrey.

    I am just wondering if anyone had experiences of this hospital

  • Bob

    Certainly in London and here in the surrounding home counties it is not uncommon for NHS patients to be sent to private hospitals for procedures and operations where there is a backlog or shortage of specialist facilities / equipment / staff and I know a few people who have been sent that way (not AFers). In fact about a year ago when I was looking into things re AF one of the private hospitals had on their website that they did private ablations and also NHS ablations for a number of trusts but that the nursing teams were different!! Barts was one of say three or so NHS hospitals that they listed. The advantage to the private hospitals is that they get a better % usage of the equipment and some money back when otherwise it would be standing idle and the rates that they get from the NHS is much less than they would privately.

  • Yes I was also offered a Harley private one as well but the waiting list for there was similar to barts so didn't see much point in that one.

    Been told the consultant will be the same and that it's just geography to keep the waiting list shorter

  • As the consultant is the same my personal logic / thought is that it makes little difference. He obviously lives in South West London or Surrey !!!

  • What were you quoted as waiting time at Barts? Am I correct in assuming that you have already seen the EP at Barts?

  • When I was seen by my ep was back in end of June he said he would put me on waiting list for Barts and it would be approximately 5 months to wait which is actually just before Christmas.

    He isn't based there as he is based in Norwich but works a list there regularly. Not sure if he will be doing it anyway as there are about 10 at barts and 6 at the spire hospital.

  • Hi Howesgilly/PeteWh,

    I am on the St Barts waiting list as well, no call neither!

  • Obviously I am just special then lol

  • Hi howesgilly,

    It certainly looks that's way lol

  • we have a private St Antony's near Epsom- if it's the same hospital it has a good reputation for cardiac things and presumably you'd have the same team- just operating elsewhere??

  • Yes that's the one. Thanks for that

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