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Magnesium Water

Hi going on holiday on Tuesday have been taking 200 of mag citrate all ok so far I took 400 first time and had upset stomach so I guess I started off taking to much in one go.

Have read that you can buy magnesium water from amazon has anyone tried this as it will be very hot we are going to Dubai for a few days?

I was just wondering what else I could drink not to get dehydrated?

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I lived in Dubai for 6 years.

Unless you are planning to roam the desert (which of course would be suicide in temperatures of 50 C +) you will be fine. I really wouldn't be worried about dehydration - Dubai is one of the most modern cities in the world.

At this time of year no one goes outside except to their car, to have a cigarette (guilty - smoking in that heat was just ridiculous !) or you get the odd mad golfer who is on the course at 6:00 a.m. throwing buckets of water on himself every fee tees to stay cool.

At least you are not going in Sep/Oct when its virtually 100% humidity and 40C+ every day - its gross :)

Air conditioning is king and they do it VERY well. Just plain old water will be fine.


Hi thank you for reply really appreciate it


But it's Ramadan and you have to be very discreet about drinking and you can't in public. OK if you are in a hotel.


Hi we are in hotel so it is ok to drink soft drinks in day


I found this recently but haven't tried it yet...


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