Caffeine Comeback for Patients with Arrhythmia

Many people may register on the Medscape site just to read this one.

An excerpt:

"For years and years, physicians—including me—have told patients with atrial and ventricular arrhythmia to forgo the pleasures of chocolate and coffee."

"A study presented during a featured poster session at the Heart Rhythm Society 2015 Scientific Sessions suggests we were wrong.[1] Thank goodness. (I'll pause a moment for a sip of espresso.)"

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  • This is a website that is referenced in the Medscape article.

  • I'm still going into cardiac arrest over the NY Times link which mentions the " Gotta-Have-It-Sized Lotta Caramel Latte" by Cold Stone Creamery which has more fat in it than people should eat in a day, 2/3 of most people's calorie intakes and your total carb serving for the day.

    And we wonder what can be done about the obesity crisis - hows about making that illegal for starters? Sheesh

    But at least I can now have my skinny latte to calm me down without fear of AF :)

  • The coffee pot (caffeinated ) is on already, smelling fantastic. Thanks for that reference! X

  • Just goes to show hey :) I gave up caffeine for about 6 months, as I thought it was related to some of my episodes. When the episodes kept coming I tried cutting out all other known triggers, but still no pattern. I'm back on good old Joe, but don't drink anywhere near the copious amounts I used too. I've also relented on other things I tried giving up, but again in moderation. I can honestly say I'm no worse or better off from when I abstained.

  • Hallelujah !!!!

  • Think it depends on volume. I drink a lot of coffee, and normal coffee would eventually give me palpitations or at least a funny feeling. But I can drink a couple in a day no problem. But for breakfast I have 3 cups just for starters, so that has to be decaf for me.


  • No coffee or anything else triggers for me. Heart goes into persistent AF when it decides.

  • I've just had my fourth cardioversion on June 18 and the first after my first ablation and I continue to be in normal sinus rhythm. I really don't want to drink any coffee or any any food outside of my home and normal protein diet without red meat. Normal Sinus Rhythm is much more important than activities or eateries or vacations or trips!

  • Now I am really confused, because I have been advised to stop the Coffee, Tea and chocolate as all of these were diffidently my triggers. I must admit I would over indulge on all three but, especially CHOCOLATE how I used to love that stuff, but stop I did as it did used to make my heart dance causing an excitable rush to my heart that resulted in AF and so withdrew all my triggers and guess what I'm good to go again as they say no pain no gain. I did find some info on chocolate and caffeine and all the other excito toxins in the luscious stuff, so here is the website see what you make of it.

    Take care all you lovelies


  • Flipflop

    Well that article has really confused matters, I was advised and have been gladly doing so for months increased my cocoa intake due to its high magnesium content, I studied the benefits of cocoa but have never across that the more cocoa the higher the caffeine content.

    I thought I had ceased my caffeine intake as decaf coffee only, so confusion is rife.

    Think I may as well start indulging in Martini expresso's again!!!!!!!!

  • Dont belive what every thing you get told, im not risking it evan though i love coffee, wont be having any.

  • It is a population study but we are all individuals. I get my PAF if I drink coffee with empty stomach with some bisquit maybe. My own observation. Sometimes after dinner I take a few sips of coffee without problems. So it is decaf for me. 1-2 bits of dark chocolate goes fine, but more is risky. So, in spite of what investigations say listen to your own body and reactions.

  • I gave up caffeine many years ago as I found out that it makes me sort of hyper -thought I was having panic attacks. My sister and my daughter are just the same to some degree. Have had AF since Jan 2014 so do not know whether it would trigger it but I think it would, my heart rate is high enough without adding caffeine to the mix. I do ocassionally have a small amount of chocolate as a treat but I do find that I do not sleep very well, my mind becomes over active.

  • I drink the wonderful Kenco decafe so don't feel deprived at all, but when I am out I sometimes treat myself to regular latte with no problem ;-)

  • I'm sorry to burst your bubble but there is a direct relationship between me having caffeinated drinks and my heart beating irregularly. Since I stopped drinking them the world has been a better place. No one seems to know or understand all the triggers for AF. I find it hard to believe that one piece of research is correct, I'm sure there is plenty of other research which says the contrary. Maybe it wasn't caffeine that was triggering your AF? I know I will continue to stay clear of caffeine, it's made life much better. :-)

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