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Hello, As I have had high BP and a fast/irregular heart rate for some months now, my GP is referring me to see a cardiologist. Today I received an appt from the Arrhythmia Cardiology Dept at Epsom Hospital for 23 June. I see my GP again next week, but in the meantime - should I check that I'm actually seeing an EP (I see this mentioned so many times on this site) or is it not necessary until if/when I'm actually diagnosed with AF.

Thanks for your advice.

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  • Hi JenniferJane. If you have the name of the person you are seeing, try googling him/her to see if there is any information.

    I just looked up my EP and there is a lot of information on the Spire Hospital site rather than his NHS hospital.

  • P.S. - and sorry, off topic - I continued googling and looked up my husband's consultant and see that her hospital has three anticoagulant specialists - something I had not thought about looking up.

  • My GP refered me to Cardiology at our local hospital. My Cardiologist refered me on to an EP at the specialist unit in Liverpool.

  • Same for me too. GP sent me Cardiologist first and then the Cardiologist (when drugs failed) sent me to EP.

  • G.P referred to cardiologist. My appointment hadn't come through after 8 months so I went to see an E.P. privately. He said the cardiologist would have referred me on to an E.P. would that have been a further 8 months? X

  • Thank you for all your messages. I will let you know what happens!

  • My EP does not refer to himself as an EP, he calls himself a Heart Rhythm Specialist. You have to look through his CV to find the word Electrophysiology.

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