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Arrhythmia and Flecidine

I am having palpitation for years .Have done all the test, no heart decease or other underlying health problem. it was come and go without medication.After it became more prolong and often for the last years, Drs. advised profenol, amidoron ,bisoprolol,etc. I started , but it was not help, exept bisoprolol as "pocket pills" .

Now seems it lost the power, and Dr. adviced Flecidine.

I have started on small dose. But being sceptical toward all the medication, afraid off side effects.

I have noticed, that weather change, consuming wine,stress can create arrhythmia .

I also have feeling, that some chemical imbalance in the body can create irregular heart beat, or as defined LAF. Possibly, blood test for spectrum and variety of all minerals and vitamins can help to create safe treatment without side effects.

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Try magnesium bisglycinate or magnesium chloride. It helps my dad.

See the following site.


Have read Dr.Dean's site.Yes, the magnesium ( what kind?) might be a type of solution for some. Pre existing and pre dispose conditions play a big role.

If consumption of the magnesium would save people from having AF, the Nobel premium shoul be given to Dr.Dean.

Every minerals and vitamins ( not only magnesium) can be at the proportional level in the human body.

It has to be defined through the regular testsing at different stages of human life and before any med.prescribed.

But , in my opinion ,the Drs. feels that those test are necessary and unwilling to request them due to their "educational knowledge" ,medical ethic and believes.

Therefore, a private laboratory should be willing to do those test.

But again, it will contradict to rules and regulations of the Medical Associations and Government regulations .


Lots of people complain about the side effects of flecainide. I don't experience them as long as i am eating healthily and staying hydrated. Cut out sugar and starch as much as possible.

I have the occasional beer and glass of wine and I think that is fine. You will feel flec if you have the occasional too many beers and too many glasses of wine.

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I have been taking Flecainide for 2 years 200mgs/day with no side effects. Like Jonathan_C I have cut down on sugar and also gluten plus I think regular exercise is important. Good Luck, try not to worry too much about the side effects but if you do get a funny reaction go straight back to the doctor.


It is important to understand that it is not the drugs "losing the power" it is the arrhythmia getting worse. If you have AF and have been so diagnosed you may have heard the mantra "AF begets AF" which translates as the more you have it the more you will get it. The affect of fibrillation on the left atrium is to cause it to enlarge and this in turn stretches the electrical pathways and makes them more likely to split and go rogue. Left untreated this could allow the AF to become permanent so stopping that decline is important. If Flecainide does that then fine but it doesn't work for everybody.

To have AF you need a pre-disposition to it which can be genetic or acquired and once you have that then some people find triggers such as alcohol, stress, some foods etc will set it off. It has been said that life style changes such as improved diet and removing triggers has been beneficial for many people. Some minerals can affect arrhythmias but one must be careful only to take such after consultation with your doctors as they can just as easily exacerbate the problem.

Good luck on your AF journey.



I love Bob's sensible advice. I have found that management of my AF even with the support of a wonderful heart hospital and EP has been about finding what works for me. I do not think there is a single solution fits all but I am a victim (?) of untreated AF and that has been hard as now semi permanent. For me, ideally ten hours sleep/rest every single night, trying to control stress and balancing busy days with sedentary days seems to work and allows me to do my mentally and sometimes physically demanding 40 hour a week job. It may not be the same for everyone.


Thank you Bob for spacious explanation of AF.

Unfortunately, the life is full of predisposed symptoms.

As for healthy diet and life style, I always have followed.

In my opinion, the people's hearts are different , and when the time come for AF treatment , the approach should be individual , but not standard .

The body chemical balance and imbalance has to be checked prior to prescribing med. and periodically check the effect upon starting one or another medication.

Therefore, we have to be vigilant, and investigate the pros. and cons.


The size of the left atrium was mentioned as having an influence over the progression of AF. Is there a procedure (ECG, etc) to measure this so that one is aware of how quickly or not the AF is progressing? My AF is tolerable at the moment as I suffer no real discomfort and episodes can be months apart, but I don't want to leave it too late before going for an ablation.


How often is ECG should be done in order to check the  progression of AF.?My episodes mostly days a part. It is usually stopped in a few hours with PIP bisoprolol -2.5mg and if not help with Flecidiane  .Still yet reluctant go for ablation. 


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